S-EBTM2017: Helsinki (28.-30.7.2017) - General Information

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Which date/s are possible for you to attend S-EBTM 2017 in Helsinki?

Poll ended at Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:29 pm

Total votes: 24

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S-EBTM2017: Helsinki (28.-30.7.2017) - General Information

Postby Aatos99 » Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:39 pm

About program of Helsinki :flag-fi: meeting;
it would be a full weekend again. I don't have exact plans yet, but when the time is decided, I can start reserving restaurants.

Early plans for the meeting program;

-late meeting in restaurant for the people who have already arrived

-walk/tourist bus drive across the centre of Helsinki and the most important sightseeing spots (maybe; the Suomenlinna island with old fort)
-lunch in some place
(-maybe continuation to the sightseeing tour)
-some hours shopping or being in hotel etc.
-meeting in restaurant

-being in city, sightseeing, picnic, etc. for the people who are in the city AND possibly dot-hunting. Dot-hunting could be done in any day, depending on your plans and willing drivers/available cars


trip to Tallinn, Estonia :flag-ee: . I got a very good idea from Fons to have Estonia and Finland included in the same meeting. :D That is very easy, because travelling from Helsinki to Tallinn is cheap and takes about 2 hours by the fastest ferries. Whole Sunday could be spent in Tallinn, and some of you might be interested in staying in Estonia more time for doing dot-hunting etc.

In this program only meeting place would be our capital, Helsinki, but if it sounds a good idea for you, we could also meet at least with some EBTers in other cities/do dot-hunting more largely for example in Porvoo area, east of Helsinki.
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Re: S-EBTM2017: Helsinki (Vote for the date!) (??-??/??????/2017) - General Information

Postby brewerhki » Thu Feb 16, 2017 7:58 am

Missed vote. Anyway my vote wouldn't change result. All dates would be fine except most popular and if that will be chosen date, i can't come, cause i will be away from my home town Helsinki :-(

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Re: S-EBTM2017: Helsinki (28.-30.7.2017) - General Information

Postby Aatos99 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:29 pm

So, the meeting will be held in the most popular date of the poll, 28.7.-30.7. That's quite the best time to enjoy of Finnish summer in our nice capital, Helsinki. 8)

You can get most easily to Finland by flying to Helsinki-Vantaa airport. It's easy to get there from many, many European cities.

You can also get to Helsinki by ship, for example from Germany, Poland, Sweden or Estonia. You can take your own car to ship, or even drive to Finland through Via Baltic or Denmark and Sweden.

There seems to be a good selection of hotels available at that weekend. Here's also a well-working public transport, which makes it possible to book a hotel room from Espoo or Vantaa and get straight to the city centre of Helsinki. Here's a website for checking the public transport; https://www.reittiopas.fi/. Just enter the address (enter your origin) where you are starting and the destiny, and you will find the easiest way to get from place to another. For adults, ticket inside Helsinki with possibility to change the vehicle (time limit about one hour) costs about 2,5 €. It's about 5€ from Espoo or Vantaa to Helsinki, or opposite.

I will start looking for restaurants from now, and will edit the exact program to the first post of this topic. Please inform me if you have some special or must things to do in Helsinki or Finland, and I'll look if it's possible to add them to the meeting program. :)

Hope that there''ll be again many new and old EBTers, welcome to Helsinki and Finland! 8)
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