W-EBTM 2018 Post your candidacy here!

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W-EBTM 2018 Post your candidacy here!

Postby eddydevries » Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:34 pm

The S-EBTM 2017 just finished, so you can start thinking about the Winter EBT Meeting of next year.

In this topic, you can volunteer to organize Winter EBT Meeting 2018.

Because this year there was enough time to organise both the Winter- and the Summer-meeting (unlike previous years), the BoD wishes also the next Winter meeting to be organized not too late.
The best period would be in the winter, so up until the end of March.

Requirements/conditions/guidelines for organizers:
  • Two organizers or more. One will be appointed as the main organizer
  • The main organizer is at least 21 years old
  • The main organizer should be able to communicate in English
  • At least one of the organizers should have participated in an official international Eurobilltracker meeting
  • At least one of the organizers should live in or know the city where the event will take place very well
  • At least one of the organizers should have organized a national EBT meeting

Requirements/conditions/guidelines for candidate city:
  • The city should have a certain touristic appeal. International EBTM participants will stay for more than one day and they should be able to see more things than they will see on the meeting day.
  • The city should be located near an international airport.
  • The city should have a railroad station, preferable an international railroad station
  • There should be youth hostels nearby where people can stay cheap
  • There should be a few restaurants which are able to have a large group of people eating there or two/three restaurants located near each other which can handle some smaller groups.

Remember this a checklist. If a candidate doesn't match all of these conditions, it still can be a candidate to organize an official international eurobilltracker meeting.
Still, the more requirements a candidate-organizing team has, the more credibility the candidacy has.

Candidates, place your candidacy here in this thread.
If you do so, please give us:
  • The name(s) of the organizing team;
  • The city you want to organize Winter EBTM18 in;
  • The dates that you can organize it; a detailed schedule of the event is not needed, the big lines are appreciated.

Please, keep this thread for candidates only!
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Re: W-EBTM 2018 Post your candidacy here!

Postby brewerhki » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:30 pm

Hi, this is my proposal. As I know, there never been international meeting outside EU. Monte Negro seemed really nice country, nice nature, friendly people, really cheap prices and ... they use Euros, even not belonging to EU as earlier they used German Marks.

I do not live in the country and don't know too much of it. I have been there once and definitely want to visit there again, so this might be good reason for that. Also I found idea to organize Ebt-meeting outside EU to be very interesting and different. Pity last time I didn't visit any bank, so don't know, if they change money or not.

About connections, for quick search I found, that Norwegian flies to Dubrovnik, Croatia from Helsinki (probably from other towns as well) late March. From Germany, Lufthansa flies there as well. From Dubrovnik, there is bus route to Herzeg Novi, Monte Negro and towards to other towns. Ryan air seems to fly to Tivat from Berlin, Stockholm (Skavsta), London and Brussels. Railroads, only from Serbia.

If this sound interesting and good idea, I could be one of organizing team, but definitely need more people to do that. And also waiting for other ideas, because there are plenty of interesting places to visit in Europe :)

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Re: W-EBTM 2018 Post your candidacy here!

Postby Raumi » Wed Oct 18, 2017 1:13 pm

I would like to candidate my hometown, :flag-es: Murcia.

It is a not too big city, with several malls, a zoo, a massive XVth century cathedral, great food, nice weather, and even more importantly: me. Additionaly, the Banco de España has a branch office in the city center, where you would be able to exchange up to 1.000€ or 100 notes in smaller notes. Always in smaller notes. That service is FREE.

There are two airports nearby, but I strongly recommend Alicante's International Airport. From there, it is possible to reach the city of Murcia directly by bus. The other one, lying in the city of San Javier would make your trip a little more of an adventure, unless you are willing to rent a car.

Restaurants and lodging should not be a problem.

Dates would be around 23rd-25th February. Both, the previous and the following weekends could be considerated.
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