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Re: EBTST - EBT stats tool

Postby gabonik » Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:16 pm

Davide992 wrote:
gabonik wrote:
Davide992 wrote:Had some more time to spend on EBTST, and I've just completed another fix: Europa series E/E notes are now displayed with the French flag instead of the Slovakian one :)

I have also removed R and W from the Countries page, as at the moment that section is not compatible with :flag-eu: series notes

Ma è solo nelle tue statistiche ?

Io non posso modificare direttamente il software sul server di dserrano5, quindi gli screenshot che vedi sono presi dalla versione di EBTST che ho sul mio PC; ho comunque inviato le modifiche fatte a dserrano5

(I can't directly edit the software on dserrano5's server, so the screenshots you see were taken from the custom version of EBTST running on my computer; anyway, I sent dserrano5 the changes I made)

Ok.... capito. :wink:

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Re: EBTST - EBT stats tool

Postby marty44 » Fri May 19, 2017 3:20 pm

At combs_ingo.html ( https://dserrano5.es/ebt/ebtst/stats/ma ... bingo.html ) the entries for Draghi R/R and W/W are missing in the table.

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