International Mario DRAGHI'S BINGO on French FORUM

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International Mario DRAGHI'S BINGO on French FORUM

Postby Jackgaillard » Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:19 pm

Mario DRAGHI Bingo - 2 :note-500: 3 :note-200: 10 :note-100: 69 :note-50: 75 :note-20: 10 :note-10: = 169 classic + 47 :note-5: + 54 :note-10: 63 :note-20: = 164 Europe = 333
Total : 333 combinations dont/within 9 blue (only one finder + 5 rouge/red (not found yet)

Just Missing :

2002 Series
:note-20: D :flag-ee:D/R029 D/R030
:note-20: P :flag-nl:P/R026
:note-50: H :flag-si:H/R047
:note-50: X :flag-de:X/R058

it's up to you/à vous de jouer
welcome, it's not too late to enter clic here and post your stats

NB: this topic can easily be closed after e few days (thank for not deleting)

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