Help needed for setting up an issue tracker

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Help needed for setting up an issue tracker

Postby avij » Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:11 pm

As discussed already ages ago in the Development WG, we would need some sort of an issue tracker where developers could keep better track of enhancement requests and bug reports. This system would be the Tech WG's responsibility to set up. However, as I'm somewhat occupied with other things at the moment, I'm asking for assistance in setting this up and for maintaining it in the future. I'm essentially recruiting more people to the Tech WG (which, by the way, other WG leaders should do as well if they think they'd benefit from additional people).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, would be to set up that issue tracker on a virtual machine that runs on EBT's server. I would set up a barebones operating system installation and you would then set up the issue tracker and its dependencies (web server, database server, email server (outbound email probably suffices)). CentOS is preferred as that's what is running elsewhere, but if you feel more comfortable with Ubuntu/Debian/SuSE/Arch/Fedora/whatever, that can be arranged as well.

There is only one available IPv4 address, and it's already used for EBT's server. Therefore inbound SSH will need some NAT tricks, and web access will probably need to be proxied through EBT's server. I would take care of this. There are plenty of IPv6 addresses though, so if you have IPv6, you get direct access to the virtual machine.

Trac was mentioned as one possibility for the issue tracker software, but I'm sure the Dev WG will be happy with whatever you can come up with. Detailed configuration and access policies would need to be coordinated with the Development WG.

If you think you can help with this task, please let me know.
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