S-EBTM 2021: Nominate your ideas

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S-EBTM 2021: Nominate your ideas

Post by eddydevries »

Allthough some travel restrictions are loosened a little bit, it's still too uncertain for organizing the Summer EBT Meeting of this year fysically.

Therefor we're thinking of having the Summer meeting virtual like in 2020. It doesn't have to be a copy of the meeting in 2020., but you are invited to post here ideas how to organize this meeting and what you want to do.

This topic will be closed on 20th of June 2021 (around 17:00 WEST / 18:00 CEST / 19:00 EEST), so the BoD can start to discuss about the candidates in the June-meeting. But advice: don't wait until mid-June with discussing and to look for possible volunteers with organizing, you might be ending the only organizer.

To avoid problems with the time for organising the Winter EBT meeting 2022 (at least: if fysical meetings are able), the BoD wisches the Summer meeting to be organized not too late.
The period suggested would be in the summer (from July to September), with the suggestion of August.

Requirements/conditions/guidelines for organizers:
  • Two organizers or more. One will be appointed as the main organizer
  • The main organizer is at least 21 years old
  • The main organizer should be able to communicate in English
  • At least one of the organizers should have participated in an official international Eurobilltracker meeting
  • At least one of the organizers should live in or know the city where the event will take place very well
  • At least one of the organizers should have organized a national EBT meeting
Requirements/conditions/guidelines for candidate city:
  • The city should have a certain touristic appeal. International EBTM participants will stay for more than one day and they should be able to see more things than they will see on the meeting day.
  • The city should be located near an international airport.
  • The city should have a railroad station, preferable an international railroad station
  • There should be youth hostels nearby where people can stay cheap
  • There should be a few restaurants which are able to have a large group of people eating there or two/three restaurants located near each other which can handle some smaller groups.

Remember this a checklist. If a candidate doesn't match all of these conditions, it still can be a candidate to organize an official international eurobilltracker meeting.
Still, the more requirements a candidate-organizing team has, the more credibility the candidacy has.

Candidates place your candidacy here in this thread before 20th June.
If you do so, give us:
  • The name(s) of the organizing team;
  • The city you want to organize Summer EBTM20 in;
  • The dates that you can organize it; a detailed schedule of the event is not needed, the big lines are appreciated.
Please, keep this thread for candidates only! (allthough: if you have some ideas, you can post them here too.
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