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Re: EBT-Summer-Meeting 2012 Live@Munich

Post by MDeen » Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:23 am

Oh, time to post my meetinghits then:

This note received at an ATM during one of the stops from the boattrip in Bad Wiessee got found by one of the meetingorganizers, MasterZocker in Munich :flag-de:.

Taking the train back from the boat trip we stopped in Holzkirchen to get some notes. This one got found in... Helmbrechts :flag-de: of course.

On the sunday after the meeting I went to Bad Harzburg and stopped to get some dots.
This note from Maitenbeth got found in Dortmund :flag-de:
This note I found in Maitenbeth came from Ahaus :flag-de:
This note from Frauenau got found in Utrecht :flag-nl:
This note I found in Freyung came from Nürnberg :flag-de:
Another note I found in Freyung came from Barcelona :flag-es: from Math Murderer during the S-EBTM11
This note from Waldmünchen got found in Capelle aan den IJssel :flag-nl:

And the nicest one for me is after walking almost 3 hours up to the Brocken and getting a well deserved drink (remember, that weekend saw 35-37 °C temperatures) I was awarded with a nice hit.


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