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Re: W-EBTM 2014 (March 15+16) Lisbon: Information, Guide & H

Post by lmviterbo » Wed Apr 02, 2014 3:56 am

Hello everyone!

The past days have been wild with work for me. The 5-days-old news is that the 3rd prize went to another contestant. I've edited the prize announcement post and will repeat it here:

After having thought and debated with dalaise, mico has declared that, in spite of hoping that this game will become a standard feature in future meetings, they wouldn't want to accept the prize due to a personal strict rule they've been following since they started tracking six years ago ("you shouldn't enter a note if you know in advance that there is a 0,01% possibility it has already been entered by someone else"). So, mico stated they would "be happier if the competitor who finished in fourth place will enter" the prize. After that, the 3rd Prize (40 notes) has gone to Juristi M, who gladly accepted it.

Twelve EBTists filled the online questionnaire and submitted their responses. Here's a summary of the 12 responses, with highlighted correct answers:
W-EBTM14_fri_1.PNG (51.19 KiB) Viewed 971 times
W-EBTM14_fri_2.PNG (23.89 KiB) Viewed 971 times
W-EBTM14_sat_1.PNG (56.84 KiB) Viewed 971 times
W-EBTM14_sat_2.PNG (52.02 KiB) Viewed 971 times
I won't reveal the correct answer to the tiebreak ("What are the first four digits of lmviterbo's first note's serial number?") but you could have found at least the first digit with a little three-step trick:
  1. Checking on EBTST which denomination was the first note I entered (it's a :note-5: ).
  2. Following the link provided on EBTST to see that note on EBT, so that you get the serial number's letter (it's an M, that is, a Portuguese note — as could be guessed).
  3. Checking (if don't know it by heart) which digit stands for an M/U :note-5: . There are several different ways to get that answer.


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