Some turbulence in EBT top user listings today

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Some turbulence in EBT top user listings today

Post by avij »

This message is to remind you that every time you enter a bill into EBT, it goes through a series of checks to see if the entry is valid. If the entries are not valid and those incorrect entries have been made on purpose, they may be removed from the database. I'd think this is obvious to everyone, but unfortunately it seems that there are a few individuals who haven't understood these simple rules.

I'm not publishing any names here, though. If you notice that someone's note count has dropped more or less significantly, it's because that particular user has violated the rules of EBT. This is routine administration work, so there's no need to get too excited about this.

As a rule, we don't usually discuss admin side things in public, so I'm asking you to keep discussion about this to minimum. If you really need to talk to someone about this, feel free to PM me.

Thanks, and keep entering those notes. There are still a few billion notes that haven't been entered into EBT :wink:
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