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Two small problems on Monday

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 8:43 pm
by avij
The database server of EBT was unavailable for about 10 minutes this afternoon when the server apparently choked when I fed it a floppy disk. My plan was to copy a few files to a floppy disk, but instead of copying the desired files to the floppy disk, the server locked up tight and didn't want to wake up until I pulled the plug. A reboot and a few minutes later the server was running fine again.

Later this evening I noticed that the server was running slower than usual. One part of the problem was that the server was somewhat overheated, and as a result it may have slowed down the CPU in order to cool down things a bit. Eventually I decided to shut down the server, clean up the fans and place it in a better ventilated place. This took about half an hour, or slightly more if you count the time the server was slower than usual but still functional. I'm making some further arrangements that this shouldn't happen again.