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Addition to the EBT webmaster team

Post by avij » Thu Jun 02, 2005 10:25 pm

Hi fellow trackers. As you may have noticed, EBT has grown quite a bit during the last few months. This is naturally a very good thing, but unfortunately it has also caused me quite a bit of work maintaining the site. Philippe (the creator of the site) is currently busy with other projects. This situation has led me to seek some assistance for running the site.

Meet Nerzhul, the author of the succesful EBT-Tool and as of now the third webmaster of EBT. He will be assisting us with further development of EBT, and with the administrative issues which require the intervention of a webmaster. If you have any feature requests or a problem with the site which the regular Support Team can't solve, he'll be happy to help. :wink:
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