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Translations and Babel

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I am happy to announce that I was able to get a fully working version of Babel (see post elsewhere in this forum about Babel) out by the end of my vacation.
In fact, just 1 minute ago I switched EBT to make it use the message files generated by Babel and it seems to be working (I also finally got the Greek to work without people having to mess around with their browser config !)

So... I have a game for all of you : visit all parts of the site is the various languages and find where there is still some english lurking so that our worthy translators can work on it.

If you are a translator, go to babel : , login and add those few things that need to be added to complete everything. If you have time, review other translations.

If you are not a translator and wish to be, send me an email with your prefered langugage and I will arrange for you to be one

I will be monitoring for updates and generating the message files at least once a day so that the site is up to date all the time :)

Yipeeee :) [finally done !!!]
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