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New feature: change notedata yourself

Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2005 1:26 pm
by Nerzhul
We are glad to announce the launch of a new feature: EBT allows you to make corrections to your note data yourself now!

You can access the new functionality via the "View my notes" -> "Correct Notedata" links in the menu. To edit a bill you need to enter its value and serial number. If you are allowed to edit this note the system will then provide you with a form containing the old data of the note. Make the necessary corrections, confirm the changes and you're done. :-)

Currently you're allowed to edit the shortcode, city, zipcode, country and comment of any of your notes, even if it became a hit. The only restrictions that apply are that you can only edit any of your notes exactly one time, and only if it was entered into the system less than 48 hours ago. That gives you two days to notice your mistake(s) and one shot to correct them. If this is not sufficient for you or you have to have the value and/or serial number of a note changed you can of course still write the support team to request those changes just like in the old days.

Please note that this new feature is primarily intended for correcting mistakes you made while entering note data, like a misspelled city name for example. We also encourage you to use this system to add additional information to a note if it became a hit, i.e. describing its condition in the comment field if you didn't enter this information already.

However, please refrain from using this feature to get in contact with your hit partners by editing your comment to something like "I'm so glad you entered this note, <user>, where did you spend it?". Use the forum or IRC if you want to get in touch with the community. Editing the location information of a hit note to prettify it is of course forbidden, too.

Every change is logged so that the admins can easily restore note data if there have been abusive changes. Moreover, we are able to exclude single users from this feature if necessary. Please don't cause us more work, it's just not worth it. ;-)


Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2006 1:00 am
by Nerzhul
I made some tweaks to the note editing interface.

You are now also able to correct the denomination of a note (unless it was a hit), and the period in which you are able to edit your notes was extended to one week.