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EBT citydata test

Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 8:31 pm
by Nerzhul
Hi trackers,

Another big feature is ready for public testing: the new city datastructures. They allow us to move away from the crude mechanism which clustered cities by their exact spellings and in future handle homonyms, synonyms and the inevitable spelling errors appropriately.

Since examples say more than 1000 words just take a look at the belgian city ranking. I played a bit with the new administration tool and combined the various Brussels (Bruxelles, Bryssel, BrĂ¼ssel, Brussel, Brussels). You should also view this ranking in various languages (en, nl, fr, de, fi, es, eo) to see another cool new trick :-)

Mind you, I just applied the necessary manual corrections to this one city so far. All beta data will be wiped later anyway, so from my point of view there's no point in investing too much time at the moment when we're going to have to sort out and optimize the city data later again anyway.

Speaking of tricks, stuff like this is possible now, too.

As a side note, the water color of maps was tuned a bit and Serbia & Montenegro split.

Your task: Make sure everything works. Try out all features, enter lotsa notes, download your CSVs, generate your maps. Are there significantly more unlocated cities (missing dots) now? Does entering notes work as intended, especially with special characters, non-ASCII alphabets and mixed cases?

I know that the beta site may not be as exciting this time, but I hope for a high participation. The website can be found at

As usual, the beta conditions (temporary data, not linked with main site) apply.

Please post your feedback in this topic.

Have fun,


Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2006 11:21 pm
by Nerzhul
Coming Monday night (25th September) we're going to update the database to the new city data structures and enable a couple of additional features. Data migration and the update of the software will begin around 10:30pm CET and will take up to 18 hours.

EBT will be unavailable during this process. Feel free to join us at #ebt if you're feeling lonely ;-)