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Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2006 8:16 pm
by avij
As most of you are probably aware, Slovenia will join the Eurozone on 1.1.2007. We're naturally hoping for a massive flood of Slovenian users, and we've now created a new Slovenian language forum for them.

It's our view that the national parts of the forum are for discussions in that language, not about the country in some other language. This simply means that if the message has been written in English, it should be written to the English part of the forum, even if the topic was something like "How to get some publicity for EBT in Slovenia?". So please leave that part of the forum to the Slovenians. Thanks :wink:

EDIT: There's now a special topic in the Slovenian forum where foreign users can ask questions etc. from the Slovenian community if need be.