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The new input form

Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2007 2:10 pm
by Nerzhul

There are again a bunch of new features, this time all centered around the process of entering notes.

1) Location names are now "sticky", meaning that any of the note entering forms will be pre-set with the last location you entered notes in. Every time you log in this pre-setting will be reset to your default location from your user profile.

2) There is now an expert form available featuring many of the advanced options offered already by the EBT-Tool. This includes options to pre-set all data fields easily, e.g. set the denomination of all notes to "10" if you have a bundle of 10 Euro notes to enter.

You can easily switch between different locations, too. The website offers you a listing of your last 10 as well as your top 10 locations to pick from.

All of those features require JavaScript though. If you have complaints or found a bug, please let us know. Just remember before complaining, if something isn't working the way you wish or expect it to you can always continue to use the old advanced form.

Since the new expert form offers a lot less help and requires a thorough understanding of EBT (thus "experts") we also decided to offer it only to users who entered more than 500 notes, similarly to the way the advanced form works which becomes available after 50 notes.

3) Beside the new "expert" state which brings the much more useful entering form there are now also two features for our top users.

When you entered more than 5000 notes you are now allowed to edit your note data regardless of any time restrictions, meaning that you can edit any note you entered no matter how many days ago. All of the other restrictions continue to apply though, so you can only edit a note once and are unable to change the serial number.

Since it is much more likely for top users to enter bundles of brand new notes they also have the option to pre-set the serial number in the new expert form.

4) Mozilla/Firefox users will also notice a small visual change. There are now flags displayed in the country selection form (for the top countries) and the location selection form (expert note entering form). You might have to Shift-Reload the page though or clear your cache to overwrite your cached CSS file.

Happy tracking,


Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 7:18 pm
by Nerzhul
There's now a "back to the input form" link after submitting notes using the advanced or expert form. If you use the expert form, you also have the option to keep any set defaults.

You may have to clear your browser cache or Shift-Reload the site containing the expert form for that to work though.