Reorganisation of the rankings

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Reorganisation of the rankings

Postby Nerzhul » Wed Apr 11, 2007 12:20 am

Hi fellow trackers,

I revised the old rankings a bit. They are organized by ranked entity now, i.e. currently user, city and country.

This move should decrowd the old stats pages a bit (allowed us to get rid of a few filters), but also makes it possible to easily extend the rankings anytime by new entities (Time Unit, Team, Region, whatever) and new ranking criteria should we find the urge and time to implement such features.

There are now also a few more stats available. Most importantly, the good old "Most active" page is also available for cities and countries now, but there's also a unique new activity index available by clicking on the "Rankings" link in the menu.

Have fun with this new feature,

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