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New features

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 9:43 pm
by Nerzhul
We released quite a few features this evening, the most significant being the new search engine.

You can find most of the useful information about this powerful feature by simply doing a search for something and carefully reading the information tab. In order to search, just type something into the text field below the menu and click on the arrow.

To sum it up:

- Search term has to contain at least 3 characters.
- You don't have to add wildcards, similar profiles are automatically found.
- Empty profiles or those which have been inactive for more than a year are not displayed (this applies to users as well as cities)
- You search for translated names only, which applies to city and country profiles.
- There is a totally independent search mode for the rankings to which none of the above restrictions apply.

The search engine is intended as a casual way to look up user/city/country profiles from time to time. It is not intended as a way to data mine our database and bitch about city or user profiles. We will ignore all such requests. We're also logging all search requests and have means to exclude individual users from this feature.

There have also been various minor updates. For example, you should now be able to change the language of the site without losing its state and the denomination field in the expert form should accept the ENTER key now and submit the form accordingly.

As always, questions, suggestions and bug reports are very welcome.


Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 9:49 pm
by avij
We've traditionally allowed people to write HTML in their profile. This has enabled our users to create pretty profile pages, but it has also been a slight security risk. We're now filtering the HTML code to make sure it doesn't contain any HTML code that could be used for malicious purposes. The parser is rather strict, so anything that doesn't look like valid HTML will be removed.

Unfortunately we also had to disable the <IMG> tag, so it's no longer possible to display your own images on your profile page. Some EBT images are still allowed, such as note icons and country flags. Just place the appropriate :note-xx: or :flag-yy: token in your profile, and the icon will magically show up in your profile. These tokens are available:

:note-5: :note-5:
:note-10: :note-10:
:note-20: :note-20:
:note-50: :note-50:
:note-100: :note-100:
:note-200: :note-200:
:note-500: :note-500:

:flag-fi: :flag-fi: Finland
:flag-pt: :flag-pt: Portugal
:flag-at: :flag-at: Austria
:flag-nl: :flag-nl: Netherlands
:flag-lu: :flag-lu: Luxembourg
:flag-it: :flag-it: Italy
:flag-ie: :flag-ie: Ireland
:flag-fr: :flag-fr: France
:flag-es: :flag-es: Spain
:flag-de: :flag-de: Germany
:flag-gr: :flag-gr: Greece
:flag-be: :flag-be: Belgium
:flag-si: :flag-si: Slovenia
:flag-cy: :flag-cy: Cyprus
:flag-mt: :flag-mt: Malta
:flag-uk: :flag-uk: United Kingdom
:flag-eu: :flag-eu: Europe

Another gotcha is that URLs in links must be quoted, so <a href='http://site/'>link</a> and <a href="http://site/">link</a> are valid, while <a href=http://site/>link</a> is not.

JavaScript is also disabled in the profile HTML, for obvious reasons. If you need to use your own images or JavaScript, please put those on your own personal homepage and place a link to your homepage in your profile. Let us know if you run into problems with the new filtering code.

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2007 3:52 pm
by Nerzhul
Alright, time for some new features:
  • - Entity ranking in your personal notes and hits sections. We currently rank Cities, Countries, Comments and Shortcodes by number of notes/hits, but there's room for other options in future.

    - Search option within this new ranking, similar to the search in the global rankings.

    - Search option in your personal list of notes/hits, allowing you to access a subset of your notes very quickly. For further details see the updated info tabs in these sections.

    - Various bugfixes.

    - New layout of the site. Nothing revolutionary yet, but makes the site a bit cleaner, brighter and more logically structured.**
As always, comments, questions and suggestions are very welcome in this topic


** I'm still not 100% content with the current layout. If you're skilled and able to contribute your help (e.g. templates and example pages) would be very welcome.

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:45 am
by Nerzhul
Dear trackers,

Tonights update focuses mainly on new information in user, city and country profiles and adds a new kind of statistic to EBT - interconnection between profiles by "hit connections".

When you are logged in (and had at least one unmoderated hit) you see how YOU are connected to the profile you're looking at. EBT tries to find the shortest possible connection using the vast network of users/cities/countries who are interconnected by hits.

For detailed information please see the context sensitive help in the Info tab of the profiles.

As always, if you have comments, questions or suggestions just let us know :-)

Happy tracking,


Re: New features

Posted: Thu May 21, 2009 12:10 am
by Nerzhul
Some small changes today:

- the advanced form now supports some of the functionality already provided by the expert form (city/zip code suggestions based on your entries)

- the expert form now allows reverse lookups of locations by comment: if a default comment is provided only cities/zip codes are provided where notes matching this comment have been entered.