2020-2021 Association Members (November 11th)

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2020-2021 Association Members (November 11th)

Post by Yok's »

Please find hereunder the list of A2E members for 2020-2021.

41 Members

AT04: :flag-at: -STAR-
AT05: :flag-at: team nossi
AT06: :flag-at: Jack_Isidore
AT07: :flag-at: ErGo
AT12: :flag-at: zimmerge
AT16: :flag-at: Ernesto_due & Olivia
AT21: :flag-at: WiSchi

BE17: :flag-be: AKVS

DE10: :flag-de: Lasterpaule
DE12: :flag-de: Luis.
DE16: :flag-de: Mil€s66
DE18: :flag-de: Schach & family
DE29: :flag-de: Europa28
DE35: :flag-de: BGO
DE42: :flag-de: Ludwigsfeld
DE43: :flag-de: Kurzschluss
DE46: :flag-de: helshg
DExx: :flag-de: Nerzhul

FI01: :flag-fi: Jessper
FI02: :flag-fi: Nomen Nescio
FI03: :flag-fi: Eliezer
FI10: :flag-fi: Emppu
FI13: :flag-fi: Ossi
FI18: :flag-fi: Juristi M
FI28: :flag-fi: oiva.j
FI30: :flag-fi: Kesä 1979
FI33: :flag-fi: Peki65
FI35: :flag-fi: leevi60
FI39: :flag-fi: airis
FI45: :flag-fi: RaijaL
FI47: :flag-fi: keräilijä37
FI50: :flag-fi: Jamo
FIxx: :flag-fi: avij

FR11: :flag-fr: Yok's

IT01: :flag-it: sen-chuan
IT02: :flag-it: giulcenc & family
IT07: :flag-it: pietropole
IT10: :flag-it: riccccc

NL01: :flag-nl: Eddydevries

PT02: :flag-pt: Castanhola

SL01: :flag-si: gergapsek

AT03: :flag-at: klapotec
AT11: :flag-at: spasiba
AT14: :flag-at: Moise

BE21: :flag-be: scrtr

DE01: :flag-de: Wisi
DE11: :flag-de: Math Murderer
DE37: :flag-de: tigerpranke
DE43: :flag-de: Kurzschluss
DE44: :flag-de: Tralla23
DE45: :flag-de: marty44

FI06: :flag-fi: Tinge
FI12: :flag-fi: Timo63
FI23: :flag-fi: Jukkap
FI43: :flag-fi: setri
FI49: :flag-fi: Jako

FR06: :flag-fr: Namastebaba
FR18: :flag-fr: Kleman

IT08: :flag-de: Claudio VdA & Elly
IT13: :flag-it: mico&dalaise72
IT18: :flag-it: Isabetta&msx
IT19: :flag-it: MorgenSchatten

NL02: :flag-nl: Elmo
NL03: :flag-nl: Crazy Bob

PT04: :flag-pt: leofer40
PT06: :flag-pt: lmviterbo

SK01: :flag-de: gulocka

Blue: Paid by others without confirmation from member
Red: Not paid on A2E account and without confirmation from member
Green: To Identify
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Re: 2020-2021 Association Members (September 13th)

Post by gergapsek »

I transferred my fee today.
Please, when you update the list, do not use SL again, because this is not the code for :flag-si:
For years it was SI :flag-si: until you changed it without reason.
Thank you.
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Re: 2020-2021 Association Members (September 13th)

Post by sen-chuan »

Good afternoon.
I've just paid my fee of € 10 for the year 2020/2021.
Please send me a note when you wull receive it.
Bye for now.

PS: Please find hereunder the list of A2E members for 2019-2020. Please, years to correct... Thank you!
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Re: 2020-2021 Association Members (September 13th)

Post by Castanhola »

I transferred on July 27 a total of 20€ (10€ as member fee for 2020/2021 and 10€ as donation).
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Re: 2020-2021 Association Members (September 13th)

Post by Lasterpaule »

I transferred the membership fee (2020/21) for Europa28 and myself on March 2nd.
Gruß Paul (Lasterpaule)
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Re: 2020-2021 Association Members (September 13th)

Post by Luis. »

I 've paid my fee for 2020-2021 per bank transfer on June 10.
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