Candidates for Board of directors - general Assembly 2009

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Re: Candidates for Board of directors - general Assembly 2009

Post by de-jo » Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:22 pm

As the private problems seem to be solved and normal life comes back, I can review my situation.
I discussed with Bruno aout my future as Board member for EBT.
I like to work further for the Association, but…..
- Not as president anymore! Somebody else can take over the task and I think that Bruno is the most appropriate candidate after all what he did for EBT. I have most confidence he will do this with style!
- I am candidate for the Board, but I cannot live with the restriction that other Belgian people cannot be part of the Board due to my eventual election! Mr.Euro for exemple had a lot of knowledge and he is very dedicated to EBT. So I would like to see him also in the group! It would be a big loss if he couldn’t be part of the Board.! This problem with nationality restriction is not only for Belgium, but also some other very valuable candidates may be lost due to this rule for other countries! That is why the change of the Statutes is urgent and inevitable!!!
- I propose to help Bruno and the Board by taking over the financial administration (as master in Economics and lector marketing and sale this makes part of my education) and make the updates from the EBT memberships + the bookkeeping of the Association.
Theo De Jonckheere


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