2009-10 Association Members (Update Nov 8th, 2009)

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2009-10 Association Members (Update Nov 8th, 2009)

Post by wisi » Sat Aug 01, 2009 11:43 pm

Please find here the Members of the Association Européenne des EuroBillTrackers for the period 2009-2010 :

1 :flag-fi: Jessper
2 :flag-ie: Japh
3 :flag-fr: kristoff
4 :flag-fr: yannn
5 :flag-it: riccccc
6 :flag-de: Wisi
7 :flag-sk: gulocka
8 :flag-fi: Eliezer
9 :flag-ch: apholzer
10 :flag-pt: Ord€p
11 :flag-it: sen-chuan
12 :flag-at: -STAR-
13 :flag-at: Jack_Isidore
14 :flag-pt: Castanhola
15 :flag-at: ErGo
16 :flag-at: Burky
17 :flag-at: team nossi
18 :flag-fr: Phaseolus
19 :flag-be: Jovada
20 :flag-at: klapotec
21 :flag-lu: gogo017 (Clarified by wisi)
22 :flag-nl: eddydevries
22 :flag-be: +++herjan+++
23 :flag-de: Hangman
24 :flag-nl: HNL
25 :flag-de: Schlauchen
26 :flag-de: Mil€s66
27 :flag-be: Erik B.
28 :flag-mt: EWRI
29 :flag-mt: Sharatan3
30 :flag-de: joergb30
31 :flag-fi: avij
32 :flag-be: Erzin
33 :flag-it: Claudio_vda
34 :flag-pt: Leofer40
35 :flag-pt: sinid_leugim

Edit (also added flags and numbers just to count above): Wisi or avij received additional membership fees from:
36. :flag-fi: Ossi
37 :flag-fi: hattiwatti
38 :flag-fi: Tinge
39 :flag-fi: Femmie
40 :flag-fi: torni
41 :flag-fi: turkoosi
42 :flag-fi: aplfi
43 :flag-fi:Pimpe
44 :flag-fi: Juristi M
45 :flag-sk: Linkin Park Forever
46 :flag-es: N0W1k

Membership fees received on the EBTM by Phaseolus or not yet published and on the bank account:
47 :flag-de: Lasterpaule
48 :flag-de: Licht&Feuer
49 :flag-de: paulapurzel
50 :flag-de: Math Murderer
51 :flag-fi: Emppu
52 :flag-de: Hadibe
53 :flag-si: b100w11
54 :flag-si: jenny&Me
55 :flag-it: Ravestorm
56 :flag-it: Gnugnu
57 :flag-nl: Elmo
58 :flag-nl: Crazy Bob
59 :flag-it: giulcenc
60 :flag-be: Mr Euro
61 :flag-de: Luise.
62 :flag-it: Debemaks
63 :flag-it: pietropole
64 :flag-nl: Hboz
65 :flag-si: LonaPo
66 :flag-si: Grega
67 :flag-de: haemoglobin & Jenni
68 :flag-de: Helloggs
69 :flag-de: VolkerW
70 :flag-at: Sinehera
71 :flag-de: Frahind
72 :flag-fi: JiiPee72
73 :flag-nl: Tjariet
74 :flag-fi: Pooca
75 :flag-nl: Skathalder
76 :flag-nl: Fons
77 :flag-si: Gergapsek
78 :flag-si: bochius
79 :flag-fi: Timo1963
80 :flag-fr: G.S.51
81 :flag-nl: pet26644
82 :flag-fr: LITO
83 :flag-fr: Namastebaba
84 :flag-fi: Nomen Nescio
85 :flag-be: de-jo
86 :flag-pt: robick
87 :flag-de: Beatminister
88 :flag-nl: The Taxman

Received after the EBTM:
89 :flag-fi: Capitobi
90 :flag-pt: Bogpoet
91 :flag-si: bzajc
92 :flag-at: wass_er_laeufer
93 :flag-si: tejtej
94 :flag-de: Schach
95 :flag-de: StefanLip
96 :flag-de: Dakkus
97 :flag-de: Nerzhul
98 :flag-at: Kilometerfresser

I took ownership on this post. Please notfy me (Wisi) if you have paid and you are missing on this list.
End of Edit

@ ALL : Please pay your registration before the General Assembly of Vienna that will be hold on August 20, 2009. Only EBTers having paid their annual fee will be allowed to vote at the General Assembly.

Please note I will be present in Vienna and will be able to collect the money untill the GA.

Please note that I am resigning as Treasurer of the Association. If you feel like you would like to do the job, please make sure to contact the Board of Directors and put forward your candicacy (make sure to send me a PM and i will tell you the details).

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Re: 2009-2010 Members European Association of EuroBillTrackers

Post by Phaseolus » Fri Aug 14, 2009 10:54 am

As the question was raised several times, I want to clarify one point:

please consider that I will be present in Vienna at the EBTM2009 and thus, I can accept payment in cash in Vienna for the annual fee or donations.

Thank you for your attention. :mrgreen:


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