2009-2010 DONATIONS

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2009-2010 DONATIONS

Postby Phaseolus » Sun Aug 02, 2009 12:05 am

The Association Européenne des EuroBillTrackers also accepts donations. :wink:
If you want to do a donation, please send the money similarly as detailled in the section "How do I become a member ?" ; i.e. simply send the money to the bank account or by sending cash. Please notify your donation to the email address (association (at)eurobilltracker.com) ; please indicate specifically if you desire your donation to be anonymous (in this case, the amount will be public but the name of the donator will not be published ; in any case, for administrative reasons the name of a donator will appear in the accounts of the Association).

This section lists the 2009-2010 donations received.

- Anonymous* donation from an user in Finland :flag-fi: = 10.00 €

Total donations : 10 €

Thank you !

* donations quoted as "anonymous" will not seen the name of the donator published ; although it is mandatory for the treasurer (i.e. me :wink: ) to be able to identify the origin of donations.
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Re: 2009-2010 DONATIONS

Postby wisi » Fri Aug 28, 2009 1:14 pm

Avij and I received donations in total of 203,43 EUR after the general assembly. One member from germany (this far I am allowed to mention) gave 200 EUR!

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