Got a postcard today...

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Got a postcard today...

Postby Nerzhul » Fri Jul 30, 2010 12:15 am

Thank you guys and girls, that was really sweet. :-)

I'm sorry that I missed the last couple of EBT meetings, but life has been really eventful in the past. I'll try to attend the next international meeting when I'm on paternal leave and have more time for my private life.

I still have lots of plans for future features, there's a lifetime of work on the todo list so I won't be going anywhere else anytime soon.

In the past years I've been mainly focusing on making EBT more independant from single admins. I spent ages on our internal tools which enable other users to do stuff. This work rarely shows, but is IMO very important to keep EBT running.

The translation tool (Babel) has seen major updates, the whole process of handling fakers and abuse has been outsourced to an independant working group and the new support system allows users to easily file all kinds of common requests which the support team can implement in seconds.

There's little need for an admin any longer. If my plane crashes next week I bet EBT wouldn't notice for years ;-)

Next on the agenda are a bunch of new statistics and new country structures (support for local regions). I also have plans for to make the site more accessible for new users (new layout and site structure) and lots of other stuff. Stay tuned...


PS: Of course things would be even better if the Development Working Group consisted of more than 1 member ;-)
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Re: Got a postcard today...

Postby WinstonSmith » Fri Jul 30, 2010 5:23 pm

Although I was not at the meeting (what a shame :( ) and didn't take part in the postcard, let me thank you and congratulate you on the efforts for new features. This one about country subdivisions (regions) was long awaited (at least by me ;)).

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