New Board of Directors

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New Board of Directors

Post by rlaurenssen »

Hello everyone,

First of all, I'm sorry for not putting this message here earlier, but I would like to announce to our association members that there was an election for new board members, a new president and a new treasurer.


Avij has been the president of the association for the last few years, but since his term was coming to an end we had to chose a new president for the next term. After the general assembly in Barcelona the BoD members present, had a meeting to decide who was going to be the president. I was the only one who was a candidate so, from now on I'm the president of the association. I hope I will do a good job just like avij did and hopefully I can improve some things for the association. Most of all I think it's important that we communicate more with our members and this is one of the main points on my agenda. So, stay tuned for more.


KlaasKlever has become our new treasurer which was the previous job of Wisi. Hopefully we are able to publish a new and updated list of our members soon.
If you want to become a member, please stay tuned for more information which we will give here a soon as possible. The address has of course changed and when we have a new form ready with the correct details we will publish it on the main forum.


Ewri will remain our secretary, she has been of great service for our association. :D


For some seats we also needed to elect new candidates and the result is the following:

:flag-de: TurboTim
:flag-mt: Ewri
:flag-fi: Nomen Nescio
:flag-si: Gergapsek
:flag-es: N0W1K
:flag-it: Claudio VdA
:flag-at: KlaasKlever
:flag-nl: rlaurenssen
:flag-be: De-Jo

:flag-fr: Yok's (still under consideration)

Honorary members:

:flag-fi: Avij
:flag-de: Nerzhul
:flag-fr: Giro

Next sunday, October 9th, we have our first meeting and I can tell you that there is a lot to discuss about. I'm planning on communicating about the things we will discuss during this meeting.
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Re: New Board of Directors

Post by avij »

Hi, for your information, the current composition of the board is as follows:

:flag-at: ErGo
:flag-de: Math Murderer
:flag-es: Raumi (vice president)
:flag-fi: Yippo
:flag-fr: Yok's (treasurer)
:flag-nl: eddydevries (meeting co-ordinator, secretary)

Our three founding members have a seat in the board as well:

:flag-fr: Giro
:flag-fi: avij (president)
:flag-de: Nerzhul

The bureau (president, vice president, treasurer, secretary) was decided in yesterday's board meeting. There were no other candidates for the president's role, so I volunteered to take the lead on the precondition that Yok's will take care of any French administration issues. Yok's and eddydevries wanted to continue in their respective roles as a treasurer and as a secretary, and Raumi got the vice president's role.

If your country is not represented in the board, have a look at this topic for information on how to join the board.

There are a number of things that I need to take care of, and I can't do all of this in one day, so stay tuned for more information. And most importantly, I can't do all of this myself so I will need help from all of you and especially from our workgroup leaders.
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