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2011-12 Association Members (2nd Nov 2012)

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 4:45 pm
by Klaas Klever
Please find here the Members of the Association Européenne des EuroBillTrackers for the period 2011-2012:

95 Members:

AT01 :flag-at: Burky
AT02 :flag-at: ErGo
AT03 :flag-at: jack_isidore
AT04 :flag-at: Klaas Klever
AT05 :flag-at: klapotec
AT06 :flag-at: Moise
AT07 :flag-at: spasiba
AT08 :flag-at: -STAR-
AT09 :flag-at: team nossi
AT10 :flag-at: wass_er_laeufer
AT11 :flag-at: zimmerge
AT12 :flag-at: Hinti
AT13 :flag-at: kilometerfresser

BE01 :flag-be: Annie_in_exile
BE02 :flag-be: bhoeyb
BE03 :flag-be: maarsy
BE04 :flag-be: an-148
BE05 :flag-be: eurostyle
BE06 :flag-be: mikoyan
BE07 :flag-be: AKVS
BE08 :flag-be: LArdennais

DE01 :flag-de: DkL
DE02 :flag-de: G,Müller & family
DE03 :flag-de: gulocka
DE04 :flag-de: hadibe
DE05 :flag-de: Hangman
DE06 :flag-de: joergb30
DE07 :flag-de: Lasterpaule
DE08 :flag-de: Luise.
DE09 :flag-de: Manniback
DE10 :flag-de: Math Murderer
DE11 :flag-de: Mil€s66
DE12 :flag-de: Miras-Etrin
DE13 :flag-de: Schach & family
DE14 :flag-de: Schlauchen
DE15 :flag-de: TurboTim
DE16 :flag-de: VolkerW
DE17 :flag-de: wisi
DE18 :flag-de: MasterZocker
DE19 :flag-de: Logoduisburg
DE20 :flag-de: Nerzhul
DE21 :flag-de: Europa28
DE22 :flag-de: Licht&Feuer
DE23 :flag-de: taucher
DE24 :flag-de: stefanlip
DE25 :flag-de: DBpbzfa766

ES01 :flag-es: dserrano5
ES02 :flag-es: N0W1K

FI01 :flag-fi: amii
FI02 :flag-fi: avij
FI03 :flag-fi: Cake
FI04 :flag-fi: Eliezer
FI05 :flag-fi: emppu
FI06 :flag-fi: Nomen Nescio
FI07 :flag-fi: Timo1963
FI08 :flag-fi: torni
FI09 :flag-fi: Juristi M.
FI10 :flag-fi: Jukkap
FI11 :flag-fi: Puupenni - Wooden Penny
FI12 :flag-fi: Tinge

FR01 :flag-fr: Yok's
FR02 :flag-fr: vibeuf
FR03 :flag-fr: philgelico
FR04 :flag-fr: Jackgaillard
FR05 :flag-fr: g.s.51

IE01 :flag-ie: SeanW
IE02 :flag-ie: japh

IT01 :flag-it: Claudio VDA
IT02 :flag-it: debemaks
IT03 :flag-it: giulcenc&family
IT04 :flag-it: mico&dalaise72
IT05 :flag-it: pietropole
IT06 :flag-it: ricccc
IT07 :flag-it: ravestorm™

LU01 :flag-lu: Gogo017

MT01 :flag-mt: ewri
MT02 :flag-mt: Sharatan3

NL01 :flag-nl: BaliBennie
NL02 :flag-nl: Crazy Bob
NL03 :flag-nl: eddydevries
NL04 :flag-nl: Elmo
NL05 :flag-nl: Fons
NL06 :flag-nl: googlejaps
NL07 :flag-nl: HBoz
NL08 :flag-nl: rlaurenssen
NL09 :flag-nl: skathâlder
NL10 :flag-nl: Tjariet
NL11 :flag-nl: bren_nmgn
NL12 :flag-nl: aloxe

PT01 :flag-pt: Leofer40
PT02 :flag-pt: Castanhola

SI01 :flag-si: bzajc
SI02 :flag-si: gergapsek
SI03 :flag-si: tejtej
SI04 :flag-si: N€mo

Please notify me if you have paid and you are missing on this list.

Re: 2011-12 Association Members (updated Oct 10th, 2011)

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 9:01 pm
by hadibe
Wow, finally someone managed to create a list that's really easy to read.


Re: 2011-12 Association Members (updated Oct 10th, 2011)

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 7:32 am
by googlejaps
I'm missing some names on this list. Do these names have to be added, or am I under the false assumption that they are member of the Association, or have they been member last year but did not have the chance to pay this years fee yet?

:flag-de: Nerzhul
:flag-fr: Phaseolus
And probably some more

Re: 2011-12 Association Members (updated Oct 10th, 2011)

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 12:25 pm
by Klaas Klever
I´m sorry to say, but thats all at the moment.

I´ve contacted a lot of former members, and hope to get some payments within the next days ;)

I will update the list regularly.

Re: 2011-12 Association Members (updated Oct 10th, 2011)

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:15 am
by MasterZocker
Hi collegues,

I joined the association today (without any formular - I hope this is ok) and forwarded the fee to Klaas Klever.

This post is just for your information.

Greetings from Munich :D

MasterZocker (Wolfi)

Re: 2011-12 Association Members (updated Nov 11th, 2011)

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:56 pm
by bren_nmgn
@klaas klever:

I just got confirmation from Avij that my annual fee has arrived!
you can add me to the list! ;)