Proposed changes to the Statutes

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Proposed changes to the Statutes

Post by Ewri » Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:12 am

Following the evolvement of EBT and other changes that we had no control of, the Board of Directors has decided to propose a number of amendments to EBT statutes. These amendments will be discussed in the General Assembly which will be held on Sunday 28th September online, details of which will be given later on closer to the date.

The present statutes can be found here
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Please find hereunder a list of these proposed amendments for discussion during the General Assembly.

Article 1
The registered office of A2E is located in France.

Article 13
Between sessions of the General Assembly and within the framework of decisions taken by this body, A2E shall be run by a Board of Directors There shall be a Board of Directors meeting at least twice each year, notice of such meeting to be given by the President or in default by the Vice-President to be advertised one month in advance, by post, email or by a post in the appropriate section in the forum, giving notice of the venue, agenda, date, and time. Meetings of the Board of Directors could also be organised electronically. The deliberations of the Board can only be valid if more than half of its members are present or represented.

The board shall be appointed for a period of two years. It is renewable. It is not remunerated. If any board member resigns within the two year term, the Board can appoint a substitute from that same country/area until the next Board Election. The same should apply for any vacant seat which will be filled during the term of that particular board.

Each country of the Euro-Zone has the right to elect one of his residents as a representative on the Board of Directors. In addition to this rule, Founding Members are members of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is therefore composed of elected members and founding members. A country counting a Founding Member can have an elected Board member. In addition, one unique seat is open to represent all members residing in non-Eurozone countries.

A “country” is defined by its recognition as an independent state by the United Nations Organization.

All candidates to the Board of Directors must notify the President at least two weeks in advance of the General Assembly of their intention to stand as candidate. All candidates shall put forward a brief statement setting out what they have previously achieved towards the aims of The European Society of EuroBillTrackers and what they will attempt to do should they be elected. This statement should be published on the forum of the European Society of EuroBillTrackers.

The responsibility of the members of the Board of Directors shall be restricted to the terms of their mandate.
While representatives are members of the Board of Directors, they are expected to act in the best interests of EuroBillTracker and to play a full part in the deliberations of the Board of Directors.

A founding member of the Board of Directors who has not been present at three consecutive meetings of the Board of Directors should be treated as a dormant member and will not be counted for quorum purposes. He will be treated as active member again after he attends at least 1 meeting. If an elected member has not been present at three consecutive meetings, the Board may decide to ask the said member to attend the next meeting, failure of which he may be excluded from the Board of Directors following the Board's decision.

Article 14
The Board of Directors shall elect from its members, a bureau composed of a President, a vice-president, a treasurer and a Secretary, who shall hold office for a period of two years, as long as they are Member of the Board of Directors. The President can be re-elected more than once, but not for consecutive mandates.

In its regulations, the Board of Directors shall agree on the structure and level of fees that will be proposed to the general Assembly for approval. The Board of Directors shall agree as well on the practical aspects regarding the operation of the association and eligibility criterion of Board members. The Internal Rules shall fix the amount of expenses above which the signature of both the Treasurer and the President could be required. Expenses below that limit only require the signature of either the Treasurer or the President.
The Board of Directors shall have all the management and administration powers except those reserved to the General Assembly. The decisions of the Board of Directors shall be recorded in a minute signed by a member of the Board and the President and kept by the Secretary at the disposal of the members of the Association. The President submits an activity report to the General Assembly. The Treasurer submits a financial report to the General Assembly.
Observers may attend the General Assembly and meetings of the Board of Directors at the discretion of the President

The Bureau shall meet on the initiative of the President or in default of the Vice President as often as needed.

The Vice-President shall replace the President in case of unavailability of the President (unavailability of the President can be confirmed by unanimity of the Members of the Board present).

Article 15
Acts binding A2E to third parties, which are not part of daily management operations, shall, except where special authorization is given, be signed by the President or by Vice-President together with another board member, who shall not have to justify their powers to third parties.

There will also be a change in numbering of the French Version of the statutes from No 19 downwards, since there are items numbered '19'.


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