A 5 Euro Note I found lying on the street

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Re: A 5 Euro Note I found lying on the street

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maarsy wrote:
Thu Apr 14, 2022 5:39 pm
not found in the street but still

when i came back to my flat in belgium a few days ago after being in the uk for 9 months i found the door frame dammaged , i did not ask too many questions to myself as its right next door to my dad and thats the sort of thing he would do if he had to get in for an emergency he would just force the door open .

not until now when i was looking trough a drawer for something i found a bundle of fivers that i did not leave there . i check the serial numbers and find that i did not enter them , remembering what was in the desk i looked for my old series of notes with the last 4 or 5 serial numbers the same - as it was a habbit of me to keep them

my dad swears he did not enter my appartement but someone came in , took the old series of fivers and left 57 new series notes . now is the point where i ask alot of questions as it seems that someone broke in , took the money , and maybe later came back to return the same amount ( but obvious to me different notes )
Oh well, sounds like it was an honest thief. Maybe needed many for fast purposes, and returned them after that. Unbelievable, but probably that's what happened
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Re: A 5 Euro Note I found lying on the street

Post by Vunono »

Yesterday I found a 5 € note on the floor in a bus, under the seat in front of me. I asked the girl that was sitting there if it was hers, but as she said no, it went to my wallet :D
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