Canadian Bricker looking for info on the Euros

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Canadian Bricker looking for info on the Euros

Postby Canuck » Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:21 pm

Hello EBT users. I will be visiting your site over the next few weeks researching the Euro banknotes. In Canada I am what they call a bricker. I search bricks of 1000 notes searching for rare special serial numbers. I sell them privately to canadian collectors. we have a site simular to yours called the Canadian Paper Money Collectors Forum. I am known as Radarjourney there and as toysago on ebay. The reason for the visit is that my good friend has asked me to sell his collection of 2002 Euro Banknotes. And the new journey begins I know very little so far except that the country prefix seems to be important. I put together a trail auction to see the responce if any. Then I will sell the hoard. Any info from you fellows would be appreciated. Cheers Shawn G

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Re: Canadian Bricker looking for info on the Euros

Postby jrnsndrs » Sun Apr 28, 2013 9:40 pm

Basically, we are trackers, not collectors. We want our notes stay in circulation so they can be found and re-entered. Just that you know what kind of folk we are. But if we can help we will.

About serial numbers:
At least for the 2002-series, the letter stands for the country that issued the notes:
D=Estonia :flag-ee: (none reported so far)
E=slovakia :flag-sk:
F=malta :flag-mt:
G=cyprus :flag-cy:
H=slovenia :flag-si:
L=Finland :flag-fi:
M=Portugal :flag-pt:
N=austria :flag-at:
P=Netherlands :flag-nl:
R=Luxembourg :flag-lu: (*)
S=Italy :flag-it:
T=Ireland :flag-ie:
U=France :flag-at:
V=Spain :flag-es:
X=Germany :flag-de:
Y=Greece :flag-gr:
Z=Belgium :flag-be:

(*) Luxembourgian law demands that on money recognizebale as Luxembourgian money carries a portrait of the grande-duke. Therefore, notes isuued by luxembourg carry the country-code of the country where they were printed. (mostly Germany and France)

Not all denominantions are printed by all countries. There is a pooling system for more efficient production.

On the front side you can find a 'shortcode' (production code) like G003I3. The first letter stands for the production facillity (see below). The following 3 digits stand for the 'printing plate'. (although i've been told that phisically it are rolls) Then the final 2 characters are the coordinates on the sheet of paper. (more or less as on a chessboard)

Printing facillitys:
(D) Setec Oy (Finland :flag-fi: - Vantaa)
(E) F. C. Oberthur (France :flag-fr: - Chantepie)
(F) Oesterreichische Nationalbank ( :flag-at: Austria)
(G) Joh. Enschedé Security Printing (Netherlands :flag-nl: - Haarlem)
(H) De La Rue (UK :flag-uk: - Gateshead)
(J) Banca d'Italia (Italy :flag-it: - Roma)
(K) Banc Ceannais na hÉireann (Ireland :flag-ie: - Dublin)
(L) Banque de France (France :flag-fr: - Chamalières)
(M) Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (Spain :flag-es: - Madrid)
(N) Bank of Greece (Greece :flag-gr: - Athens)
(P) Giesecke & Devrient (Germany :flag-de: - Munich/Leipzig)
(R) Bundesdruckerei (Germany :flag-de: - Berlin)
(T) Banque Nationale de Belgique / Nationale Bank van België (Belgium :flag-be: - Brussels)
(U) Valora (Portugal :flag-pt: - Carregado)

D (Setec) has stopped printing money a few years ago, T (Bank of Belgium) will do so in the near future)
This has only influence on the shortcodes.

Then, there are three signatures (of ECB presidents) available:

Wim Duisenberg (slowly getting extinct now)

Jean-Claude Trichet (most common)

Mario Draghi (slowly beginning to appear more reagular)
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Re: Canadian Bricker looking for info on the Euros

Postby g.s.51 » Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:28 am

Hi Shawn,
I am a collector of euronotes, you can send me your list of doubles...
Les eurobillets 2002-2007
Les eurobillets 2002-2009
Les eurobillets 2002-2011
Les eurobillets Millésime 2002 - Millésime 2013

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