Hello, I'm Olivier & leave in Freiburg/Germany

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Hello, I'm Olivier & leave in Freiburg/Germany

Post by oliviervonfreiburg » Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:51 pm

Good evening,
I'm Olivier and I live Freiburg in Germany.

Military I was for a little over 12 years and I am currently in "pre-military pension" I just 40 years old and my 11 OPEX and now my pension I think more work.

I built my house "100% active" with friends in the hills above Freiburg, I have 3 condos that brings me some EURO;) and so my pension for good & loyal service (and a few medals)

I recovers the liquid rents well with a payment card when they pass me settle rent, my condos are a 2min my house.
But I'm going to change because I have to do it myself AR has my bank and it begins to feed me.
I will propose their "Überweisung" because it is simpler and free.
Especially since I MUST be at home so that they then pass that is not manageable for me and my wife no longer wants to collect my rent ... Too much liquid that does not reassure.

The current being free for my tenants (solar panels) rent repay my loan for the renovation of apts.

And in nine months this will be pure profit !!!

I don't know if I will return to the site because I have to leave for 6-9 months to stay in Cape Verde to invest and make me build an apartment above a Resto already in place !!!

To enjoy the sun between Sept. and March ...
I like my solar panels sun I need to recharge my batteries and if I do nothing for 2-3 days I am sick !!!

Over 12 years in the army that "imposes" habits, I always do my 8-9 km every Monday, Wednesday and Friday God does ... :)

I don't think I made too much fault in the language of Shakespeare because mine are more than Molière or Bach ...;)

Mit freundlichen Grüssen aus Freiburg,

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