Voluntary confession of fake notes

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Voluntary confession of fake notes

Post by Phaseolus »

Dear users,

As you are aware of, EBT has created a team of users in charge of finding out if some users are faking. When evidence is found of faking, clear action is taken and the bills are being removed.

"Cleaning Girls" (this is the name of the Team) do investigate any account. We do get our information form browsing through the forum and also by investigating accounts on a random basis.

When suspicion arise, we do open a "file" and any cleaning girl can open a recommendation for deletion of (a part of the) bills ; or for classifying the user as "innocent". A recommendation is implemented once three cleaning girls are voting in favour of this recommendation.

Normal users have nothing to fear. It's not because you make a typo in your bills that we will "blacklist" you. So, please don't be nervous if you are not been inventing your bills.

On the contrary, if you feel that you have some "things to confess", such as the creation of bills, the extrapolation of serials, or getting your serials from the Internet, etc... please be sure that you send an email with the list of bills that you would like to confess to contact (at) eurobilltracker dot com ; or PM ErGo or myself.

The advantage of confession is that we will maybe not restrict your account or maybe avoid to "blacklist" you.

Everybody can make a mistake. We are not judging. Our aim is simply to have a clean database.

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