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Call for developers / designers

Post by klapotec »

The EuroBillTracker site has been running for nearly two decades now, and in that time it has only had one general face-lift, which was in the early years, and some feature additions, which mostly happened more than ten years ago. As internet usage today tends more to mobile devices, EuroBillTracker needs to go with the times, and should implement a mobile-first design, with clear but functional user interface for (in increasing order of display complexity) smartphones, tablets and laptops/desktops. There exist smartphone apps, but these are mostly good for entering notes (which is nice), and offer few features beyond that. To implement this, some serious development needs to be done.

The development "team" has for years consisted of only a few persons, of which in general only one has been active - currently that is me. I am trying to provide fixes for critical bugs, but as I am working one fulltime job and another one sporadically, and want to keep up my high rate of entering notes as long as the banks still allow it, a complete site redesign (and maybe a few new features) is beyond me.

Thus EuroBillTracker is looking for users with some experience in web design and/or programming to join the development team, and work actively towards a more modern look and feel for the EuroBillTracker site.

If you have any experience with HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript, and want to help out with the redesign and the frontend, please answer below or contact me.
If you know PHP and MySQL/MariaDB and want to work on new features or improving existing ones, and the backend, please answer below or contact me.

If you have ideas for which programming language/web technology could make our lives so much better, we can discuss them here - if we have enough developers, we can reimplement anything and everything.

If you have ideas for features, this is not the place to discuss them. The first and primary goal is an updated EuroBillTracker site, with existing features still working - a new look with broken existing functionality and some half-implemented new features is not desirable. A wishlist for new features can be made in this topic, but everything depends on how many developers we can get to help out.
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Re: Call for developers / designers

Post by marty44 »

I have not much programming experience, but I know some C, PHP and PostgreSQL. But to he honest: I use a lot of Stackexchange etc if I search for a specific problem.
I would be interested to add a new API function (how much new hits are there since last enter of a note)

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