The town of Fucking, Austria.

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Re: The town of Fucking, Austria.

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Re: The town of Fucking, Austria.

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I was looking at Effin on the map.
It's not a town or village,but a townland.
There is one bar with Effin as its address
I think it's the only place around that you could get an Effin note.
I was in Charleville a few years ago an saw Effin on a road sign.
I was heading back to Galway and didn't have the time to try and find the place.
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Re: The town of Fucking, Austria.

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lmviterbo wrote:
Wed Jun 09, 2021 8:07 pm
The "town" is in fact an unpopulated place on the Faial island, and its name is Cu de Judas. "No cu de Judas" (literally, "in Judas's arse") is a Portuguese idiom meaning very far from anywhere, like "in the middle of nowhere" or "below the horizon" or "at the end of the world" or "god-know-where".

Source (in Portuguese): ... igo-postal
I never mentioned Cu de Judas before because I didn't know it was an actual place (sort of). I was only familiar with the idiom. :lol:
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