Garmin Overlay for Dots?

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Garmin Overlay for Dots?

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those who are doing dothunting should know Ernie's Euro Page where you can get a Goole Maps overlay so you can see where you've entered notes and where you need to travel next ;)

I'm doing a lot of my dots with the help of a GPS system (meanwhile Garmin Zumo660). So I usually check for ATMs and enter them as waypoints. Or just some petrol stations.

Unfortunately the provided information are not always up-to-date. So it happened several times the bank removed the ATM or restricted it only to it's own cards. Or the petrol station closed temporarily or permanently. In this case I'm already "in the dot" and just need to find the next possible location. But my GPS does obviously know nothing about the dots- so it guides me to the next ATM which may be outside the destination dot :-(

What I am looking for is an overlay map for my GPS so I can see at least the borders for the dots. It would be perfect if it would mark the already visited dots, too.

So anyone an idea?


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Re: Garmin Overlay for Dots?

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Me i'm using a GPS in paper :mrgreen:
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