Banknote that returned to me...

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Re: Banknote that returned to me...

Post by brewerhki » Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:06 pm

Once I got 100x :note-5: in bank. There was 39 boomerangs 8O That kinda pissed me off. Anyway, explanation is that I gave 300 euro to my neighbor, in fivers of course. I knew she was taking those money to bank, but I didn't know which bank and which day. There are at least 6 different banks in 2km area (plus S-Pankki with tens of possible places to save money into account), so it was quite small change to go to same bank quite soon after she.

This note didn't want to leave me at all. But of course it is quite easy to get same note back, when visiting same place daily. But after that third time I got that note, I took it far away from home, so I hopefully can't get it back anymore (if I do, I will save that note).

There are also several other boomerangs for me. Most of them I got back from local shop I visit almost every day, and I think all them returned to me in less than a month. Here is one example I got from local shop. Didn't know that friend used that there. (now there is nothing in comment field, that it is boomerang. I modified that already once, so I need to wait support request is done for another modification)

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Re: Banknote that returned to me...

Post by lazza » Tue Apr 14, 2015 3:58 pm

I only had this once, when I was skiing in Austria, and a €5 note I spent at a café at the top of a piste came back to me at a restaurant at the bottom the next morning! I even remember knowing it was the same note, as someone had drawn a stick-man under the stone gateway arch!

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