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Serial numbers vs Printer codes - Matching tables

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:21 pm
by lmviterbo
The Italian EBTor giulcenc has been studying the correspondence between serial numbers and printer codes (= shortcodes) at least since 2008 and his tables are generally the best tools to check how serial numbers match printer codes. They have been published and regularly updated on the Italian forum, but for the general English forum reader they haven't been available so far. They are in pdf and links are available on this giulcenc post. I will repeat this basic information on a single eye-catching line:

Tables of correspondece between serial numbers and printer codes, by giulcenc (links to pdf files).

Every time a new note comes out — like the recent Europa :note-50: —, giulcenc updates his tables. He has been doing that shortly after every new note launch. This time, he updated the tables on the 4th of June, that is, two months after the official launch of the new fifties. Already included in those tables were many plates that would only be generally known some weeks or months later. This is absolutely fantastic. The small downside of it, of course, is that some of the tables are later found to be wrong for some minor ranges of serial numbers. I have been studying some combinations and will publish my conclusions on this topic — and ask for your help to correct or complete my findings.

Note: you should never use these tables to help you register notes that were not with you. That is against the EBT rules and skews the statistics, as well as ruining the game for some serious EBTors and euro banknote tracking researchers and experts. If you have any doubt about a serial number / printer code you can't read properly (for example, on notes that are on tip jars and of which you can only see the serial number side), please ask here under this very topic or pm me. If you ask here, do not write entire serial numbers; if you don't know which part of the serial number is needed for this purpose, please ask first.

Re: Serial numbers vs Printer codes - Matching tables

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:47 pm
by lmviterbo
Here are my findings about the E/E :note-50:.

giulcenc has made two tables for this combination (check my first post on this topic, above).

His second table (E005xx-E010xx, EB) seems to be totally correct. It can even be extended at least to E011 and most likely to E013 too, likely up to EB8319 (this is my kind of wild guess). The only detail that can be improved on this second table is detailing which range of serial numbers was printed on each plate.

As to his first table (E001xx-E004xx, EA0000-EA24xx), it is fact only correct for E001, and up to EA023.

I have corrected and improved both giulcenc's tables. You may want to check your own notes against the interactive tables I created here:

Interactive tables E/E 50

I need help to improve even further from anyone who has :note-50: in these ranges (probably from where they have been found: NL, GR, DE):


All EA ≥ EA2537 (not sure if these exist)

EB264-271 E007 (in this range, I'm not sure if the reported E007 are real; if so, they are unusual: probably 90% of the notes in this range are E006)

All EB ≥ EB676

If you find anything wrong on the above document please report it here. Thanks!