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Re: translations on Babel

Post by lmviterbo »

Just so that you know, I've just completed an even more thorough analysis, adding yet another 7 towns to the previous list of translatable ones:

1820 Alessandria — Alexandria
9392 Bergamo — Bérgamo
14107 Brugge — Bruges
18848 Korinthos — Corinto
71662 Orléans — Orleães
72785 Palma de Mallorca — Palma de Maiorca
91000 Segovia — Segóvia

Some day, when this is done, I'll check the non-Eurozone towns too.
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Re: translations on Babel

Post by WinstonSmith »

I posted this on the 'Avij and Nerzhul's famous to do list' a couple of weeks ago and received no answer, but it was really the wrong place, as my message has to do with translations and not with site features.

I'd like to become a volunteer for the Esperanto translation, if this is possible. There seems to be at least another Esperanto translator active nowadays, but, if we were two, one could care after the errors of the other. As of now, the Esperanto version seems to be very rapidly updated when new messages become available, but the language could be improved in some parts which were probably never reviewed by anyone after having been written. In such situations, errors can often occur, not because of poor knowledge of the language, but because no refinement is made after the first-hand translation.

(some examples: the top countries, or "pintaj landoj", are instead called "supraj landoj", meaning "the above countries"; the "diffusion" tab is named "disvastigo", which means "the act of spreading something", instead of "disvastiĝo", which means "the act of getting spread" and is more correct when implicitly referring to banknotes; and so on).
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Re: translations on Babel

Post by MDeen »

There is something strange going on with the dutch translation of M_256_20090418 (that is the news item 2009-04-21 which is now showing on the frontpage).
The link in the second paragraph is not parsed correctly. In stead of <a href, there is Ma href in the source, messing up the link. But in the babel tool it all looks correct.
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