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Post by xaver » Sun Jul 06, 2008 11:38 pm

Hello €-fans,

it is true, that the only design left from the current Slovak koruna´s coins is the Krivan mountain which is considered as a symbolic place in Slovak history. However, the 20-halier coins which bore this motif, have not been in circulation since January 2004. I must say I don´t like the design of €1 and €2 because of the "background of rocks". If they decided to do it that way, it was necessary to mark the three hills off the background. The three hills are important, because they´re part of the coat of arms. But it possibly could have been designed better...


Incorrect post

Post by xaver » Sun Jul 06, 2008 11:41 pm

I´m sorry, the post above was intended for the discussion about Slovak €coins.

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Post by Dakkus » Mon Jul 07, 2008 9:53 am

I have copypasted your message in the correct thread.

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