€2 Commemorative Coins - Fantasy Designs

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€2 Commemorative Coins - Fantasy Designs

Post by melitikus » Sun May 23, 2010 7:57 pm

Malta in the year 2014 will celebrate 2 major events - on 1st of May together with nine other countries will celebrate its 10 years of being in the European Union, few months later on the 21st September will celebrate its 50 years of independence - so hopefully the central bank of Malta will pick up one of these themes and materialise it into a 2 euro commemorative coin. Meanwhile you can enjoy my fantasy designs!

10 Years in the European Union

Two jigsaw puzzles, one showing the Maltese Flag and the other, the European Union one are joined together to symbolise unity. Malta has been united with the European Union for the past 10 years, indicated by 1
and 0. “10 SNIN FL-UNJONI EWROPEA” is the Maltese for “10 YEARS IN THE

50 Years of Independence
An allegoric representation of Malta and flying pigeons to symbolise that Malta has been free and independent for the past 50 years.

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