European Citizens' Initiative: Permanent European Union Citizenship

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European Citizens' Initiative: Permanent European Union Citizenship

Post by claudio vda » Sat Jun 01, 2019 4:50 pm

Hello, I don't know if you are informed about the existence of the European Citizen's Initiatives: they are official petitions that, if signed by a certain minimum number of registered voters, can force the European Parliament to discuss about the petition.

In July 2018 an initiative about the creation of a Permanent European Union Citizenship was launched. This new form of citizenship should flank the old ones and should have the following features

1) Prerequisite: being already citizen of an EU country
2) Flanking: it will not replace, but just flank the present citizenships
3) Willingness: if someone does not want to be EU-citizen, he/she have just to not apply for
4) Permanence: if the country of the citizen is going to quit the EU, the EU citizenship cannot be taken away, allowing the citizen to enjoy European rights

Rules of an European Citizens' Initiative are: at least 1 000 000 signatures collected in max 1 year and achievement of a quorum in at least 7 member countries.

At the moment, we have about 110 000 signatures collected and quorum was achieved just in one country, but if you are interested you can go on the official European website and sign; in order to authenticate your signature, you need to give a valid ID-document number. Deadline is July 2019.

Here is the website :arrow:
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Re: European Citizens' Initiative: Permanent European Union Citizenship

Post by ART » Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:38 am

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