San Marino risk exite from EMU

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San Marino risk exite from EMU

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[San Marino] ECONOMY - The San Marino Marino Republic is risking large in the relationships with the European Union on the use of the Euro, because of you delay - various from the Vatican - in putting itself in rule with the new directives of Bruxelles in spite of the sollicitations arrived for time to the government from newspapers of San Marino (the San Marino Information) and from the parties of opposition (Party of the Socialists and the Democratics). The Sammarinese Tribune is taken care of the issue. “The expiration for the re-negoziation of a new agreement is much neighbour (had to be 1 January 2010), but while the Vatican City has already melted the node 26 November, Saint Marino is still to the pole. The serious fact is that the UE want the Italy as guarantor of new agreement and to feel said how much from Sideri, in the event Saint Marino doesn't decide really to dismantle the walls that still don't concur the free access with the information, could also be the refusal to make as guarantor in the comparisons of Europe. The consequence is simple: the San Marino exit from the euro area.”
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