How many different currencies did you use?

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Re: How many different currencies did you use?

Post by jullefredrik » Wed Aug 24, 2016 7:09 pm

:flag-fi: FIM/Finnish markka
:flag-eu: EUR/Euro
:flag-se: SEK/Swedish krona
:flag-uk: GBP/British pound
:flag-dk: DKK/Danish krone
:flag-lv: LVL/Latvian lats
:flag-hu: HUF/Hungarian forint
:flag-pl: PLN/Polish złoty
:flag-cz: CZK/Czech koruna
USD/United States dollar
RUB/Russian ruble
NOK/Norwegian krone

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Re: How many different currencies did you use?

Post by Aatos99 » Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:37 pm

Euro :flag-eu:
Estonian krone :flag-ee:
Swedish krona :flag-se:
Danish krone :flag-dk:
British pound :flag-uk:
Latvian lats :flag-lv:
US dollar Image
Russian ruble Image
Morocco dirham Image
Thailand baht Image
Swiss franc Image
Ei sitä koskaan tiedä_Aatos99

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Re: How many different currencies did you use?

Post by Kleman » Sun Aug 28, 2016 7:14 pm

My little list...

- :flag-eu: Euro
- :flag-fr: Franc Français
- Image Franc Suisse
- :flag-es: Peseta
- :flag-pt: Escudo
- :flag-it: Lira
- :flag-uk: Pound
- Image Maurician Rupie
- Image Dollar Canadien
- Image Kuna
Mes stats

Monde: 45
France :flag-fr: : 1
Local (Bordeaux): 1

Notes: 508 720
Hits: 774

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Re: How many different currencies did you use?

Post by groentje » Wed Nov 23, 2016 3:28 pm

Don't exist anymore:
BEF (native) and LUF (only the coins)

Still in use:
EUR (of course)
GBP (also Scottish and Northern Irish notes)
UAH (new!)

In my modest coin collection I also have
USSR Rouble
Czechoslowak Crown
Chinese RMB[/quote]

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Re: How many different currencies did you use?

Post by Vunono » Sat Jun 24, 2017 11:36 pm

Update after a trip to the Channel Islands:

:flag-eu: Euro (Image, :flag-pt:, :flag-fr:, :flag-be:, :flag-nl:, :flag-de:, :flag-at:, :flag-it:, :flag-fi:, :flag-lu:, Image, :flag-cy:, :flag-mt:, Image, Image, :flag-gr:)
Image Spanish peseta
Image Moroccan dirham
Image UK pound (including Scottish banknotes)
Gibraltar pound
Image US Dollar (also in Image)
Image Irish pound
Image Mexican peso
Image Paraguayan guaraní
Image Brazilian real
Image Costa Rican colón
Image Danish crown
Image Swedish crown
Image Slovak crown
Image Swiss franc
Image Peruvian nuevo sol
Image Chilean peso
Image Slovenian tolar
Image Croatian kuna
Image Latvian lats
Image Estonian crown
Image Russian ruble
Image Belarusian ruble
Image Lithuanian litas
Image Polish złoty
Image Czech crown
Image Egyptian pound
Image Dominican peso
Image Indian rupee
Image Turkish lira (also in Northern Cyprus)
Image Syrian pound
Image Lebanese pound
Image Jordanian dinar
Image Israeli shekel
West African CFA franc (Image, Image)
Image Gambian dalasi
Image Mauritanian ouguiya
Image Japanese yen
Image Kazakh tenge
Image Kyrgyz som
Image Tajik somoni
Image Uzbek som
Image Chinese yuan
Hong Kong dollar
Macanese pataca
Image Thai bath
Image Cambodian riel
Image Vietnamese dong
Image Lao kip
Image South African rand
Image Lesotho loti
Image Mozambican metical
Image Swazi lilangeni
Image Macedonian dinar
Image Albanian lek
Image Iranian rial
Image Bolivian boliviano
Image Colombian peso
Jersey pound
Guernsey pound

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Re: How many different currencies did you use?

Post by ernanna » Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:25 am

Obsolete currencies
:flag-fr: Franc
:flag-it: Lira
Image Lira (only coins)
Image Lira (only coins)

Circulating currencies
Image Mark
Image Krone
Image Kuna
:flag-eu: Euro
:flag-hu: Forint
Image Yen
Image Dinar
Image Rupee
Image Franc
:flag-tr: Lira
Image Dirham
Image Dollar
:flag-uk: Pound (including Scottish notes)
Hit: :flag-it: x 10, :flag-de: x 7, :flag-si: x 2, :flag-sk: x 1, :flag-gr: x 1

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Re: How many different currencies did you use?

Post by the_pooh_tripper » Thu Sep 07, 2017 11:05 pm

1) CHF
2) EUR
3) USD
4) GBP
5) GGP
6) JEP
7) IMP
8) GIP
9) NOK
10) SEK
11) DKK
12) DKK from Faroe Is
13) CZK
14) HUF
15) LTL
16) PLN
17) RSD
18) RON
19) ALL
20) BAM
21) HRK
22) BGN
23) TRY
24) GEL
25) UAH
26) BYR
27) BYN
28) MDL
29) PRB Transnistrian Ruble
30) AED
31) ESP
32) ITL
33) SML
34) FRF
35) MCF
36) DEM
37) ATS
38) CZK
39) XOF

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