S-EBTM 2020 VIRTUAL (teleconference) - Choose the date

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Which weekend?

Poll runs till Fri Jul 31, 2020 8:46 pm

2020/08/22-23 (August 22-23)
2020/08/29-30 (August 29-30)
2020/09/05-06 (September 5-6)
Total votes: 15

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S-EBTM 2020 VIRTUAL (teleconference) - Choose the date

Post by lmviterbo » Thu May 28, 2020 8:46 pm

Note: S-EBTM means Summer EBT Meeting

An International Virtual Meeting has been approved in the last BoD meeting.

I will create a topic for General Information as usual but, since a teleconference meeting is a novelty, here’s my tentative program at the moment I made this:
  1. Short Presentations with an unexpected and engaging question (nothing too personal, of course). To be alternated with other points in the program. I will write a script for this, starting with real life name (optional) and EBT username.
  2. Game: a quiz about Euro banknotes and Europe. I will be glad to create this. I’m thinking of using Google Forms but I’ll be glad if anyone has better suggestions.
  3. Q&A with experts covering several areas. I will invite specialists, hoping they can and are willing to join and answer questions. If you’re a specialist yourself, please apply! The areas I’m thinking of, and which I have knowledge myself in: numbering systems (with giulcenc?), rare and valuable plates (with g.s.51, & A0000001A?), games on the forum (with their creators), statistics software (with their developers), public serials and faking (with ErGo?), EBT on the social media (with sen-chuan, bullock99, & stefanlip?), tools for PC and Android (with taucher & spasiba?)
  4. Story time, an open mic with plenty of space for the banknote tracking stories that participants may want to tell.
  5. Video show, with official videos of cash cycle and production of banknotes and paper for banknotes.
Please choose one of the dates on the poll. My suggestions for the Saturday and Sunday meeting times are as follows (but may still change according to your preferences, if needed):
18h00 UTC+2 on Saturday
14h30 UTC+2 on Sunday
(Most of the Eurozone is now and will still be in the UTC+2 time zone at the time of the meeting. Portugal is one hour earlier. Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, and Cyprus are one hour later.)

If you have more than one date you’d be able to attend, please detail your preferences in a reply to this topic.

If you have anything to add or suggest, or any contribution of any kind not related to date and time, please do it on the topic I created for that:
S-EBTM 2020 VIRTUAL (teleconference) - Detail discussion
That topic may already feature some contributions and improvements, and details the problems to solve.
(Note: siriusLT, I took the liberty of moving your contribution to that topic. Thanks!)

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