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Re: Guy Sohier's "Les Eurobillets" site

Post by lmviterbo »

The other photo mentioned above is N**012. I'm taking the liberty of reproducing it here.
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Re: Guy Sohier's "Les Eurobillets" site

Post by inDUS »

:note-200: E010 extends to EB....
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Re: Guy Sohier's "Les Eurobillets" site

Post by g.s.51 »

Désolé et très déçu pour cette fausse bonne nouvelle.
Le correspondant, qui s'est excusé pour sa méprise avait deux billets littéralement collés dans une enveloppe. Le recto présentait R028 et le verso F013...
Simplement le recto était un E au verso et le billet parfaitement collé un F103 / G010. Le cliché semblait si parfait...

Sorry and very disappointed for this false good news.
The correspondent, who apologized for his mistake, had two euronotes literally stuck in an envelope. The front showed R028 and the back F013...
Simply the front was an E on the back and the perfectly glued bill an F103 / G010. The photo looked so perfect...
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Re: Guy Sohier's "Les Eurobillets" site

Post by MDeen »

:note-50: UG8. Not just UA0-UD9 anymore.
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Re: Guy Sohier's "Les Eurobillets" site

Post by LArdennais »

Absoluut normaal, MDeen :wink:

The 2nd serie for :note-50: :flag-fr: is between UE0 and UH9. Plates discovered are between U045 and U051. Charges actually discovered are between U**00 and U**14. : don't miss it every day ! à zieuter tous les jours ! kijk elke dag ! :D ... =fr&gl=US] : A utiliser sans modération ! :)
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