Your cellphone ?

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Re: Your cellphone ?

Post by groentje »

groentje wrote: Wed Aug 03, 2022 1:23 pm
groentje wrote: Sun Jun 09, 2019 8:10 pm Same phone, Nokia 8.1, since last week. My previous phone lasted longer than I thought a year ago, but was in need of replacement.
3 years later, and I'm still using that Nokia 8.1. Had the USB-C connector replaced in January and numerous chargers and cables, but otherwise it's still working fine. There's a single crack in the screen for a bit over 2 years, too, but it never really bothered me. If another phone is released that might be interesting, I might change again, but there's clearly no rush, I could do another year or even 2 with it.
I was too optimistic. The USB-C connector started to play up again after a year, and when I broke the screen early January, I bought the Nokia G21. I'm moderately happy with it.
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Re: Your cellphone ?

Post by MARIUS-FFB »

Redmi Note 8 Pro, Jailbreaked with OS: PixelExperience_Plus 13.0
Most used Apps:
- ( ... eactiveebt)
- OsmAnd+ ( ...
- Audials Play ( ... om.audials)

Jeder Euro- Geldschein, den ich registriere, möchte auch wiedergefunden werden!
Every Euronote, which I record, want to be retrieved!

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Re: Your cellphone ?

Post by Akai »

My smartphone now is a Xiaomi redmi note 13 (5G)
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Re: Your cellphone ?

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Meine EBTCheck-Statistik (danke, marty44)
Meine nigmm-Statistik (danke, tt.01)
My little gallery of stamps and scribbles on Euro notes.
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