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Report Association EBT 2008-2009

Post by de-jo » Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:04 pm

The first item of the General Assemble in Vienna is te overview of the passed year.
I cannot attend the meeting in Vienna.
So you find here the report. Bruno will present it to you and give more explanation if necessary!

Report Association EBT 2008-2009

Dear members of the Association Européenne des EuroBillTrackers, we have successfully completed the first year of our Association. A lot of projects have been started and accomplished. Some projects still remain in the pipe-lines. We have solved a number of problems, whilst some other problems still need a push to be solved.

What are the major achievements this year?

A new Member State joined the Euro zone. EBT was communicated to this new member and the number of Slovakian users has increased significantly this year.
Some other new success have been scored this year ; but we should give more means to communication! Some extra efforts should be done in this field.

The problems with the Bank account are now over! For a reminder, the Bank that hosted the first EBT-account has refused to further host the account. After a lot of discussions and visits to other banks, Bruno succeeded to open a new Bank account and to transfer the assets of the Association to the new bank account. A certain continuity should be considered with regards to the bank account, in order to prevent future problems.

Last year during the first General Assembly, we decided to settle three Working Groups:
- The development Group: developped a number of new features available
on EuroBillTracker. For example, in the city and country profiles you can access a visitor ranking showing which users already registered notes there. Just click on the icon next to the search field to find yourself in this ranking. There was also an extension of private note statistics to make them more useful. Nerzhul is leading the Development Group. More volunteers are needed to bring in more features and to develop EBT. This latest point should be set as a priority: EBT counts 140,000 users and certainly a lot of computer specialists that could share their knowledge for the growth of our hobby!
- The database group made also a large progress with the introduction
of the control tool of the database, that was developed by the Development Group. A lot of analyses was done by the "Cleaning Girls"
with sometimes dramatic, but needed, expulsions. A lot of false entries were removed from the database. The Cleaning Girls is a BIG success of this first year for our association! Before we could not deal with fakers; nowadays, we all know that a faker will not last very long on EBT.
- The communication group had more difficulties to start up. A few
newsletters were produced but we need a new boost! Plans are made for next year…. We expect to see some firework on this level!

A lot of work remains. This work has to be done exclusively by volunteers. This is a reality that should not be forgotten by all users: the demands made by EBT-users request a very professional treatment that is exclusively carried out by volunteers. This reality can NOT be changed. Having considered this point, it becomes clear that we need a lot of motivation! The Board should be an example of motivation and should gather a group of highly motivated people with different specializations!
Motivation has nothing to do with nationality! therefore my suggestion as a President is to get rid of the current restriction linked to nationality in the vote procedure for the Board. The Board should be a rather small group of motivated people chosen by the Members of the General Assembly, bearing as such a mandate for putting into action the desires of the Members of the Association. For this reason, I support a limited change into the current statutes of the Association focusing on the limit defined on the nationality in the voting procedure.

Today I have asked Bruno to candidate as a President of the Association. This initiative aims to give some continuity to the Board of the Association; I also believe that Bruno has the competence to lead the association and motivate people in achieving their objectives. I will also candidate as a Treasurer in order to promote the continuity required for the Bank account.

I welcome the renewal of the candidates that are already present on the Board. We will help them finding their path into the various missions by better defining the expectations linked to each responsibility of the Board members.

I know Mr. Euro and wisi are new candidates: this new blood is mostly welcome ; Mr. Euro has big plans for the EBTM that is becoming very important for the Community. Wisi has already shown his competence as a Secretary; he has also big ideas for finding new ways of funding the Association : together with the Treasurer, wisi could build a plans for getting this needed money.

As you see, EBT remains alive and kicking…and I am convinced the new Board will continue to work further on this unique and nice Project!

Theo De Jonckheere

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