The Heavy-Duty Hitters / Greatest Hits (ie, the Hit Score topic)

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The Heavy-Duty Hitters / Greatest Hits (ie, the Hit Score topic)

Post by lmviterbo » Fri Apr 27, 2018 4:39 am

No, not a band's album recommendation. This is a new game / new stats.

Multiply your hits total kms × total days, divide the result by your number of hits squared, and you'll have your own Hit Score.

Hit Score=(k×d)/h^2
HitScoreFormula.png (2.44 KiB) Viewed 497 times
k = total distance (in kms) of all hits combined
d = total interval (in days) of all hits combined
h = total amount of hits

For example, here's how to compute the combined Hit Score of all Eurobilltracker hits (at the moment I'm writing):
k = 306 613 912 km (combined total)
d = 471 622 170 days (combined total)
h =   1 021 438 hits

EBT Combined Hit Score = ( 306 613 912 × 471 622 170 ) / (1 021 438)² = 138 600 (rounded to the nearest integer, which is enough for this purpose)

For the purpose of this game / stats (and calculating the Hit Score), I am assuming that great hits are those which banknote traveled a long distance for a long time. A Heavy-Duty Hitter has many of those, so their Hit Score is higher.

How to find your totals in order to compute your Hit Score?

If you don't want to add your kms and days by hand, you may find the total of kms and days your hit-notes traveled if you use the nigmm statistics application. Check "Hits Summary". It will be something like this (I highlighted the numbers that matter for this purpose):
nigmm_Hits_Summary_example_for_TotalBAMcomputation.png (48.43 KiB) Viewed 497 times

So here's the ranking, featuring chosen active users. If you have at least 10 hits, please send me your numbers.
Let's find who's the Top Heavy-Duty Hitter (also known as The Luckiest Star on EBT).

00www0EBTor00amount0000kms000days0Hit Score
01. :flag-es: 0Crawler3600000000035000004158400000201320000683403
02. :flag-es: 0Raumi0000000022000001895600000142980000559985
03. :flag-es: 0Seltaeb0000000117000010039400000645220000473199
04. :flag-it: 0shadowdance0000000021000001704600000115370000445940
05. :flag-es: 0azalearal0000000138000010349600000698450000379578
06. :flag-ch: 0Laurentina0000000395000027320900001806260000316287
07. :flag-fr: 0Romain170000000016000000707100000110660000305655
08. :flag-ch: 0The_pooh_tripper0000000049000003415400000209350000297798
09. :flag-ie: 0japh0000000687000048863900002354760000243793
10. :flag-fr: 0Kleman0000000783000046681600003004260000228749
11. :flag-de: 0androl 💶🐾0000000419000015877800002512950000227272
12. :flag-de: 0trezay0000000058000002732200000274970000223327
13. :flag-ie: 0JHN-TX0000000463000029266900001516520000207044
14. :flag-de: 0Ludwigsfeld0000000017000000718000000080570000200170
15. :flag-es: 0quetzal02 = Jes0000000018000001213800000052240000195707
16. :flag-pt: 0lmviterbo0000000172000009854900000585790000195136
17. :flag-fr: 0anro0000000533000024881400002219210000194365
18. :flag-fr: 0Yok's0000000069000003141300000291970000192641
19. :flag-uk: 0coach vahid0000000157000006724700000674770000184090
20. :flag-lt: 0siriusLT0000000712000028706200003021610000171102
21. :flag-it: 0mico&dalaise720000000061000002452500000251920000166040
22. :flag-fr: 0Phaseolus0000000812000036179300002906310000159474
23. :flag-it: 0-flop-0000000036000001568100000128560000155552
24. :flag-it: 0Bryce0000000077000002939400000311000000154183
25. :flag-pt: 0Montgomery Burns0000000039000002435000000089200000142802
EBT totals0001021438030661391204716221700000138600
26. :flag-it: 0giulcenc&family0000000158000005874100000573100000134852
27. :flag-it: 0gabonik0000000085000002792100000332700000128572
28. :flag-pt: 0Ord€p0000000158000005903000000533300000126104
29. :flag-pt: 0Leofer0000001997000074142700006601330000122728
30. :flag-de: 0MuenzMuc0000001069000030822500004219720000113814
31. :flag-sk: 0LINKIN PARK FOREVER SOUTHERN X®0000001792000047201600007642070000112329
32. :flag-pt: 0Castanhola0000000522000017982300001678910000110798
33. :flag-lu: 0Gogo0170000000293000009110800001026600000108949
34. :flag-de: 0tigerpranke0000000444000012107500001733950000106494
35. :flag-lt: 0negative0000000408000012644400001365920000103754
36. :flag-cz: 0ǝxoןɐ = aloxe0000000134000003591100000504600000100917
37. :flag-de: 0roberdy & TjeAn0000006928000176183100026058980000095655
38. :flag-fr: 0Jackgaillard0000000195000005161300000695980000094468
39. :flag-es: 0SUp3rFM0000000115000003773500000296040000084469
40. :flag-de: 0simpsonspedia.net0000003520000078943100013158480000083837
41. :flag-nl: 0JRRM0000000426000009401100001563620000081001
42. :flag-de: 0tralla230000000526000010565300002079520000079410
43. :flag-ie: 0Burdie0000000246000004988300000881750000072682
44. :flag-at: 0Mr & Mrs Burky0000005280000109211900018124360000071001
45. :flag-nl: 0Henk Draijer0000003376000063889400011814250000066226
46. :flag-pt: 0A. Simões0000000135000003167200000336860000058541
47. Image0erasmuston0000001035000017890300003319980000055446
48. :flag-de: 0Mil€s660000012294000200329200039742340000052676
49. :flag-nl: 0eddydevries0000001736000030202000004851820000048623
50. :flag-at: 0Moise0000002526000052606800005289630000043611
51. :flag-be: 0eurostyle0000000862000011220300002813050000042478
52. :flag-si: 0Dioniz0000000905000012005800002635890000038639

I found some users with higher Hit Scores, but they're not active in the forum. Here they are anyway, just for comparison (of these, only toolose is actively entering notes):

00www0EBTor00amount0000kms000days0Hit Score
01. Image0Gerhardle0000000028000020576200000124230003260435
02. :flag-de: 0tigergryphon0000000016000006527500000114070002908562
03. :flag-es: 0antonio590000000016000001750100000174390001192187
04. :flag-pt: 0FCCS0000000013000001570000000108670001009538
05. :flag-fr: 0toolose0000000015000001974800000113190000993456
06. :flag-de: 0karun0000000016000003679100000062840000903104
07. :flag-it: 0€uro collector0000000011000001159000000093970000900093
08. :flag-gr: 0ntilios0000000136000017190600000938730000872477
09. :flag-gr: 0nikos810000000019000002115200000147040000861548

Final note for those who like maths: the Hit Score is a measure of Banknote Absement, which dimensions are L T.
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Re: The Heavy-Duty Hitters / Greatest Hits

Post by lmviterbo » Fri Apr 27, 2018 4:40 am

Here is the other ranking in this topic, listing the Greatest Hits of all time and space.

While I figure a good way of presenting the ranked list, here's a screenshot of the Top 15 Greatest Hits:
EBT_greatest_hits_1st_screenshot.png (25.08 KiB) Viewed 394 times

I am going to include all Hit Scores over 10 milion kms × days. My list has 66 of them and, unless I missed some, it's complete.
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Re: The Heavy-Duty Hitters / Greatest Hits

Post by Burdie » Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:13 pm

Hello Imviterbo, Thank you for the list

Sorry to say but I didn't update my data online after my nice hit a few day ago ;-)

So an update:

Burdie 246 Hits 49883 KM 88175 Days is a Hit Score from 72682.1

My best scoring hit is this: 1509 KM * 1892 Days = 4364082 Hit Score
Personal statistics from: NIGMM / EBTST 245 Hits with 2 triple :flag-ie: 3 :flag-eu: 375
list of (known by me) latest "codes_country.txt" files Blog

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Re: The Heavy-Duty Hitters / Greatest Hits

Post by romain17 » Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:19 pm

Nice game :D

Hits : 16
Total kms : 7071
Total days : 11066

7071x 11066/16² = 305 655 8O
Collectionne les pièces euros:
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Re: The Heavy-Duty Hitters / Greatest Hits

Post by Moise » Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:24 pm

Like everytime,all tools dont like my amount of notes,"ERROR " :roll: :? :|

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Re: The Heavy-Duty Hitters / Greatest Hits

Post by Bryce_ » Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:37 pm

Hits: 77 - Total Kms: 29394 - Total days: 31100
Hit score: 154183

Ciao :D

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Re: The Heavy-Duty Hitters / Greatest Hits

Post by lmviterbo » Sat Apr 28, 2018 3:29 am

romain17 wrote:
Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:19 pm
7071x 11066/16² = 305 655 8O

This is what I was expecting. I decided to create this kind of hit score because I had two very good hits in less than a month, for which my fellow countrymen congratulated me: 1 and 2. To settle on some reasonable score formula, I tried to check all EBTors who had their nigmm stats available, and I was surprised to see I was in first place. I was about to quit publishing the game, because I didn't want it to look like I created a formula specifically designed for me to be able to brag of being the top player… Then, I decided o check what would be the Hit Score of all EBT hits combined, and I was relieved. After all, I was not that far from average, so there ought be much better than me. And well, there you are, great!

The feature I like the most about this game is that it has to do with being lucky on a specific level, and is totally unrelated to how many hits you have or how many notes you tracked. So anyone can be a Heavy-Duty Hitter. It probably helps a little being from a peripheric country like Portugal, Finland or Greece, because notes are able to travel longer distances within the Eurozone. The other component (time) is a small advantage for EBTors in those countries where notes last longer (I actually don't know which ones). Other than that, it's mere luck and democratic.

The ranking on the first post is now updated with the new Luckiest Star (romain17) and the updates from Burdie and Bryce. Moise, as you must have noticed, I used your old NIG stats of almost 10 years ago. I am really sorry that nigmm doesn't work with your 2M notes. :(

If anyone wants to be removed from the list (Moise?), you just have to tell me. 8)

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Re: The Heavy-Duty Hitters / Greatest Hits

Post by trezay » Sat Apr 28, 2018 3:40 am

Okay, here I go :D

Hits: 58
Distance: 27322 kilometers
Time: 27497 days

Hit Score: 27322x27497/58² = 223327

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Re: The Heavy-Duty Hitters / Greatest Hits (ie, the Hit Score topic)

Post by Jackgaillard » Sat Apr 28, 2018 8:03 am

Hits : 195
Total distance : 51613 km
Total time 69598 days
Score : (51613 x 69598) / (195 x 195) = 94468

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Re: The Heavy-Duty Hitters / Greatest Hits (ie, the Hit Score topic)

Post by the_pooh_tripper » Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:57 pm

Distance: 34154 km
Days: 20935
Hits: 49

34154 x 20935 / 49^2 = 297798

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Re: The Heavy-Duty Hitters / Greatest Hits (ie, the Hit Score topic)

Post by Kleman » Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:34 pm

Ok I try:

Hits : 783
Total distance : 466816 kms
Total time 300426 days
Score : (466816 x 300426) / 783² = 228749 :oops:
Mes stats

Monde: 45
France :flag-fr: : 1
Local (Bordeaux): 1

Notes: 508 720
Hits: 774

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Re: The Heavy-Duty Hitters / Greatest Hits (ie, the Hit Score topic)

Post by lmviterbo » Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:13 am

I have tried to figure out the answer to this question: what are the Hit Scores for each country in the Euro Area (plus the four microstates with formal agreements)? I can only compute the exact scores for countries with 330 hits or less. Here is my attempt though, with numbers rounded to the nearest thousand. Mind you that these figures might be up to 10% off (or even more, but I don't think so).

00www0country00amount0000kms000days0Hit Score
01. :flag-gr: 0Greece0000001302000316044400006604280001231000
02. :flag-es: 0Spain0000006262001195976300039656790001210000
03. :flag-cy: 0Cyprus0000000197000050351800000670710000870000
04. :flag-ie: 0Ireland0000001494000221096500005644650000559000
05. :flag-it: 0Italy0000013246001147191300084340220000551000
06. :flag-fr: 0France0000010325000915965700054745070000470000
07. :flag-mt: 0Malta0000002765000223139300015434340000450000
08. :flag-pt: 0Portugal0000014386001217308400067217240000395000
09. :flag-lt: 0Lithuania0000001569000138387500006624290000372000
10. :flag-sk: 0Slovakia0000005111000300249800029519950000339000
11. :flag-sm: 0San Marino0000000031000003451700000089970000323000
12. :flag-ad: 0Andorra0000000098000011070800000255130000294000
13. :flag-lv: 0Latvia0000000665000041494100003090180000290000
14. :flag-mc: 0Monaco0000000295000019201400001305940000288000
15. :flag-ee: 0Estonia0000010778000565433700049590890000241000
16. :flag-de: 0Germany0000303404011231623401641546060000200000
17. :flag-va: 0Vatican City0000000019000001394900000050880000197000
18. :flag-at: 0Austria0000120179004223869900644340570000188000
19. :flag-lu: 0Luxembourg0000001095000048450100004277250000173000
20. :flag-fi: 0Finland0000356973013027351301672277440000171000
21. :flag-nl: 0Netherlands0000136053004343500300696622410000163000
EBT totals0001021438030661391204716221700000139000
22. :flag-be: 0Belgium0000158987004153752800747958600000123000
23. :flag-si: 0Slovenia0000045178001328874900161119580000105000

I would love if avij or someone in the Development or Database Workgroups could provide the total kms and days for hits per country. I realize that the totals, at least, must be too wrong, since they should be around the average or median, not near the end of the ranking.

(In the meantime, I have updated the first post with all new contributions and some other Heavy-Duty Hitters I have found.)
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Re: The Heavy-Duty Hitters / Greatest Hits (ie, the Hit Score topic)

Post by japh » Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:47 pm

687 Hits
488,639 Km
235,476 Days
Score 243,793" onclick=";return false;

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Re: The Heavy-Duty Hitters / Greatest Hits (ie, the Hit Score topic)

Post by negative » Wed May 02, 2018 8:01 am

408 hits
Total distance: 126444 km
Total time: 136592 days
Score: (126444 x 136592) / (408 x 408) = 103753

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Re: The Heavy-Duty Hitters / Greatest Hits (ie, the Hit Score topic)

Post by siriusLT » Thu May 03, 2018 8:47 pm

Distance: 287062 km
Days: 302161
Hits: 712

Hit Score: 171102

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