S-EBTM 2018 Vilnius (7th to 9th of September) - Important Reminder

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S-EBTM 2018 Vilnius (7th to 9th of September) - Important Reminder

Post by eddydevries » Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:36 pm


Since there might some new members coming to our official Eurobilltrackermeeting, I would like to remind you to the following.

The meeting is not to get hits with eachother. Those hits will be moderated as uninteresting meetinghits.

So please do mind next guidelines:

* Bring only 5 euronotes or coins to the meeting
* If you pay your share of the cost, pay it as much as you can in 5 euro notes or coins. The organisers will not enter them in EBT, so they will not get moderated
* If you spend money during the meeting (to get lunch, drink, ...) consider also using 5-ers.
* The notes you receive on the days of the event, should always get "S-EBTM 2018 Vilnius" in the commentfield.

And a tip of a "diehard" meetingexpert

* Don't go changing your money in banks near the meetingpoints, chances are enormous that another ebt-member already been there before you. And the resulting hits will be moderated to uninteresting.

Please spread the word!

Thanks and have fun!!!
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