How easy it to get rolls of coins in France?

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How easy it to get rolls of coins in France?

Post by goldeneye »

I am just curious how easy is it to get rolls of coins (just looking for 1 roll each of the €2 and the €0.50) at banks in France, especially if you are not a customer of that bank?

It was claimed in the past that the public cash centers at Banque de France might be a place to do this, but it is claimed that it isn't the case now.

Thanks again!
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Re: How easy it to get rolls of coins in France?

Post by GWR7007 »

I cannot provide you with an answer, I'm afraid, but it might be useful to also ask your question in the thread in English in the French-speaking part of the forum as I think that the few French users who also speak English to some extent take a look into their part more often than the notes&coins section :oops:
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Re: How easy it to get rolls of coins in France?

Post by trezay »

Most banks in France will not provide rolls of coins whether you are a customer or not, they usually don't handle cash at the counter :roll: Some branches of the CIC have machines where you can exchange bills for rolls of coins (IIRC, the cost for non-customers is 1€ per roll, i.e. if you buy a roll of 25 1-euro coins, you'll have to enter 30 euros. The machine will then spit out the roll of coins and 4 euros in change). I believe the BNP has similar machines, but they won't work unless you're a customer (which you have to prove by inserting your credit card).

Most post offices still handle cash at the counter, but I don't know if they would accept to trade whole rolls of coins :?: I don't collect coins, so I don't have any experience asking the Banque de France. I think they will only accept to exchange cash if you have a larger bill ( :note-100: :note-200: :note-500: ) or if you want to exchange damaged bills. As GWR7007 said, you might have better information if you post in the French forum, either in the topic for English speakers, or in the topic about coin collections. Several of the French users are also coin collectors, so they should be able to give you better information than me :wink:
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Re: How easy it to get rolls of coins in France?

Post by romain17 »

As trezay says, I'm a customer of CIC bank, and almost all machines which delivered rolls of coins take 1€ of fee for each roll delivered if you are not a customer ! Other banks (almost all) have these type of machine but if you are not a customer it's totally impossible to use them, because you need to insert a credit card ...
So it's very hard, almost impossible, for non-customer to have access to these machines... the better way is the CIC bank but there is a fee of 1€... and in these machines, you have all rolls except 1cts and 2c cts.
The last option is to try to ask in shops but it's not guaranteed :oops:

And also as Trezay says, the Banque de France can exchange larger bill but it's not possible in each office, for example in my city it's not possible...

I hope I helped you ! :wink:
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