How many countries have you visited? (Ranking)

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Re: How many countries have you visited? (Ranking)

Post by Ryyt77 »

groentje wrote:
Tue Sep 01, 2020 2:33 am
I guess you mean Zaventem (Brussels Airport)?
That’s right. Zaventem city (not only airport). My mistake.
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Re: How many countries have you visited? (Ranking)

Post by frahind »

So werde auch mal was eingeben.

:flag-at: 1963 1964 2005 2008 2009 2011 2017

:flag-it: 1964

:flag-ch: 1967 (gearbeitet) 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1990 2009 2013(Flughafen Zürich)

:flag-nl: 1968 1972 2015(Flughafen Amsterdam)

:flag-dk: 1969 1970

:flag-nl: Curacau 1980

USA 1999 2002 2013

:flag-uk: 2015

:flag-fr: 2015

:flag-fi: 2017

:flag-lu: 2019
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Re: How many countries have you visited? (Ranking)

Post by SantaCruz »

2020 has been a tough year for travelling and I had to cancel several trips. Besides revisiting a couple of countries, I'm glad I could at least manage to add 1 new country to my list this year. That makes a total of 41 countries (in alphabetical order):

Image Andorra
:flag-at: Austria
:flag-be: Belgium
:flag-bg: Bulgaria
Image Croatia
:flag-cz: Czech Republic
:flag-dk: Denmark
:flag-ee: Estonia
:flag-fi: Finland
:flag-fr: France
:flag-de: Germany (home)
:flag-gr: Greece
:flag-hu: Hungary
Image Iceland
Image India
:flag-ie: Ireland
:flag-it: Italy
Image Japan
Image Kosovo
:flag-lv: Latvia
Image Liechtenstein
:flag-lt: Lithuania
:flag-lu: Luxembourg
:flag-mt: Malta
:flag-mc: Monaco
Image Montenegro
Image Morocco
:flag-nl: Netherlands
Image North Macedonia
Image Norway
:flag-pl: Poland
:flag-pt: Portugal
Image Serbia
:flag-sk: Slovakia
:flag-si: Slovenia
:flag-es: Spain
:flag-se: Sweden
Image Switzerland
Image Turkey
:flag-uk: United Kingdom
:flag-va: Vatican
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Re: How many countries have you visited? (Ranking)

Post by yabiz »

I'm from France. I've been to 5 countries :

:flag-fr: France
:flag-es: Spain
:flag-ad: Andorra
:flag-it: Italy
:flag-va: Vatican city
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Re: How many countries have you visited? (Ranking)

Post by Aatos99 »

Two new countries last year, this year only one visit to Estonia.

1. Finland :flag-fi:
2. Sweden Image
3. Denmark Image
4. Estonia :flag-ee:
5. Latvia Image
6. Germany :flag-de:
7. Austria :flag-at:
8. Italy :flag-it:
9. Switzerland Image
10. Liechtenstein Image
11. Spain :flag-es:
12. Greece :flag-gr:
13. Thailand Image
14. Turkey Image
15. USA Image
16. United Kingdom Image
17. Morocco Image
18. Albania Image
19. Russia Image
20. Ireland :flag-ie:
21. Belgium :flag-be:
22. France :flag-fr:
23. Luxembourg :flag-lu:
24. The Netherlands :flag-nl:
25. Malta :flag-mt:
26. Lithuania :flag-lt:
27. Croatia :flag-hr:
28. Poland :flag-pl:
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Re: How many countries have you visited? (Ranking)

Post by groentje »

Same here, I've been to the UK and Ireland in January, but haven't left the country since, not even just across the border.
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Re: How many countries have you visited? (Ranking)

Post by Kleman »

:cry: Me too.
No new country this year !
Only Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands... And I have cancelled my trip to Canada/Usa in march. :cry:
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