How many times have you moved?

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How many time have you moved?

Never. I'm living where I was born.
3 - 5
6 - 9
More than 10 times!
Total votes: 230

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Post by tinka »

3 times

1 from mortsel (where i was born) to hoboken when my mittrle brother was on his way
2 living one my own in hoboken (little appartement)
3 i bought a house last year in hoboken (last stop for now)
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Post by giberski »

I never moved. I've been born in this house and.... we'll I don't know that :lol: I only lived in Oslo for 5 months, so that was a short break. But now I'm back in parents house in Leiden. A great place. A silent district, close to a park. I don't mind staying here for a longer time.
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Post by Speukes »

It's funny that this topic comes back to live now. Prisje & I are in the middle of moving out our rental flat in the city, and moving in to our house just out of the city.

Now we have in a range of 500 metres: 4 bakery's, 2 butchery's, 1 takeaway chinese, our doctor, our barber, our bank, ... with the entire city at 1 kilometer.

In June, we'll have 2 supermarkets in a range of 1 kilometer and thats it. Quite a change...
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Post by alex77r »

One time, but in the same city
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Post by N0W1K »

Once, I was born in Madrid
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Re: I moved only once

Post by Chiel »

Chiel wrote:
Fons wrote:I moved only one time, when I was 4 months old I moved from Utrecht to Werkendam, and now, 15 years later, I still live Werkendam
...and I moved from Werkendam to Warffum 2 months ago (280km)
...and I've moved two more times since. To Groningen and another time within Groningen. And in august i'm going to live in Norway for half a year, so no consistency for me when it comes to places to live :)
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Post by Klazu »

I don't remember much about my childhood, but I have moved couple of times during that period. Those moves were only few kilometers. Since my childhood I have moved once: from my small home village Pohja to Joensuu (530km). This is status quo, but I'm planning to live also abroad someday... :roll:
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Post by Fjon »

Way too many times to count! Also, having lived in 5 countries also helps!
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Post by BaliBennie »

I lived in the suburb Angelslo within Emmen untill I was 8 years old in 1974.
Then we moved to Ter Apel where my parents had a tobaccoshop. Wenn the shop closed in 1982 we moved back to Emmen in the suburb Bargeres. 6 years later we moved inside Bargeres to another house.
In 1992 I got a rentalhouse of my own in another suburb of Emmen called De Rietlanden.

In the end of 2002 i moved to Arkel in the province Zuid Holland. Four months later i moved to the neighbouring city of Gorinchem.

In januari 2004 I moved back to my birthground and nowadays I live in the suburb of Bargeres in the city Emmen again.

In total i have moved 7 times in my life.

If my next workplace is far away i consider moving again.
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Post by Viperazzi »

I have moved two times. For the first two years of my life (which of I can't remember a thing!) I lived in Kouvola. After that, my parents moved to Tampere, in about 1984-1985.

In 2004, I moved to Helsinki to start studying. I was an exchange student in 1999-2000 in Virginia, but that really doesn't count as moving.
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Post by Batavorum »

I moved 4 times,

1: From my native village to my study place
2: From study placy to appartment in my current town
3: From appartment to family home
4: From family home to slightly bigger house
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Post by jabosa2 »

I moved 6 times (woww, I never realised that I moved so often.. :? )

1. from the house I was born to another farm-house
2. after my father stopped with his farm we moved to a house in the village
3.moving to my own place.
4.after I married I moved into a big caravan,meanwhile we were rebuilding our house. We lived for about 7 years in that caravan 8O 8O
5. after finishing the rebuilding we moved in our house.
6. 8 years ago we moved to a house just outside the village we live.
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Post by Dakkus »

EDIT: Well, three months after my last post I moved to Kontula, which is in eastern Helsinki. Then half a year later to the Konala Industrial District, which is where I live now :)
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Post by groentje »

I voted once.
I was born in Waregem, and lived in Zulte for my first year (1983-1984). Then we moved to Machelen a/d Leie, which is a part of Zulte, but completely the other side. In 1989-1990, we built a new house on the place of the old, but I didn't consider that as moving. In 2001, I started studying in Leuven, where I had 3 different 'koten' or student chambers. But it's only a temporary housing, and I'm not registered in Leuven, so I didn't considered that as moving either.
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Post by bocky »

I moved three times to other buildings, but also twice in the same building (to other apartment):

1. An apartment in Queluz (near Lisbon)
2. Apartment in Lisbon (Estefânia area)
3. Same building, different apartment
4. Same building, back to the first apartment
5. Rented house near the place I live now
6. This house (somewhere between Pontinha and Odivelas, near Lisbon.)

Dakkus, you had already replied to this topic in 2003 :P
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